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Time to thrive

Let's get real. It's just you and me talking. 

You're meant to be a coach.

But you're feeling uneasy. 

Maybe you fear that getting your coaching biz off the ground will require more work than the corporate gig you just left. And it will leave you tired and broke.

Or, maybe you feel uneasy about how you're coaching your clients. Wonder if you need more training? 

I get it. It can seem like a lot. 

But it doesn't have to be.

Whether you're a brand new coach or have been coaching for years, I can help you create abundance, clarity and confidence in your coaching business. 

Reach out, let's chat just you and me. 


I'm giddy about the changes I’ve seen since coaching with Sarah. She helped me notice a painful story I've been telling myself: that nothing is worth doing unless it leads to more money. No wonder I’ve felt like a circus monkey, performing for others! Now, I’ve started to experiment with being more myself, asking for what I want, and having fun. I focus on my own desired feeling state to guide me. And the results are tangible. The most mind-blowing? I worked with our CEO to design a fun new role that fits my skills, what the company needs, and most importantly, what I want. - Mandy Kubicek, Head of Employee Experience at Flywheel + Life Coach | Nebraska


Sarah helped me get out of my own way and take my business to the next level. Her secret sauce is getting people to do their shit--the things they want to do and know they should do to be more successful but are too afraid to do it. She motivated me in a way that gave me space. I did not feel attacked or pushed or anxious, but she motivated me gently in a nice, yet serious, way that gave me room to breathe and come to my own conclusions and get over my own fears. In just one session I started planning a new product launch I had been thinking about for months. If you want to stop thinking about all of your great ideas and actually do them, reach out to Sarah. Seriously.  Deborah Munies | Life Coach New Jersey