I'll hold the space + cheer you on as you create the life you want. 

That's what happens in 1-1 coaching. 

Are you tired of the same things happening over and over in your life? Ready to create real change but afraid you'll get distracted from your goals and let yourself down again? 

We'll work together to clarify what you really want, create an action plan, and move you forward. I help people just like you create meaningful and sustainable change . . . for good.

I’d love to help you pave your own road, write your own rules, and do what might feel scary so you can create a fulfilling and awesome life.

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I'm giddy about the changes I’ve seen since coaching with Sarah. She helped me notice a painful story I've been telling myself: that nothing is worth doing unless it leads to more money. No wonder I’ve felt like a circus monkey, performing for others! Now, I’ve started to experiment with being more myself, asking for what I want, and having fun. I focus on my own desired feeling state to guide me. And the results are tangible. The most mind-blowing? I worked with our CEO to design a fun new role that fits my skills, what the company needs, and most importantly, what I want.                           - Mandy Kubicek, Head of Employee Experience at Flywheel + Life Coach | Nebraska

I feel like I discovered the big breakthrough that I had been searching for. It's liberating. I'm so grateful for Sarah's thoughts and guidance. I'm going to keep meditating on our work together because I deserve to live this free. It feels so good. This work changed my life.                  - Samantha Knapp | Senior Recruiter Phoenix, Arizona

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When I started working with Sarah, I was hyper-focused on outward success. I wanted to find a career that would help me fulfill my life’s purpose. I thought our sessions would focus on achieving that end goal. What I’ve learned in the process has been enlightening. Sure, we talk about external goals, but we also focus on the inner work needed to achieve those goals. I realized I’ve been repeating a similar pattern throughout my entire life. The mindset “I’ll be happy when I get the new job, move to ________, make X amount of money…” The list goes on and on. With Sarah’s help I’ve learned that happiness is less about what you do and more about how you feel in the present moment. I am so excited to continue working with Sarah on this personal journey!!                             - Caitlin S. | Portland, Oregon

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I wanted to reach out and say a big Thank You to Sarah! Within just a few sessions, she gave me several tools and the confidence to hone what I truly wanted out of my career trajectory. Her words of encouragement echoed in my mind as I was feeling stuck in a rut and helped me look toward the bigger picture of my path. I'm happy to say I've got a job that matches my personal goals, values and makes me proud of what I'm doing. By showing me how to take control of my work life, she helped me achieve a better of sense of balance between my professional and personal lives.     - Cindy Remy | Marketing Director | Oregon

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The coaching I did with Sarah really helped me get clarity. In some way, [my career change] has (so far) fallen into place and flowed really easily. I also think [coaching] gave me more confidence in myself as I can be quite critical of my work and abilities and it’s helping me let go of that ego-driven attitude. I’d like to say a big thank you for that – it’s been (and is) invaluable.                          - - Sylvia S. | Sydney, Australia

Deep change requires commitment and practice.

In private coaching we're working one-on-one and going deep, uncovering what makes you tick, what lights you up, what patterns are not working for you and how to create new patterns that do. 

During one-on-one coaching I'll call out your limiting beliefs and we'll work with them on the spot. I'll help you through the sticky spots and we'll create a new rhythm for your life that will lead to lasting change. 

I offer packages on a weekly or bi-weekly basis coaching.  

In between coaching sessions we're still working together. You may receive email check-ins, "assignments" for deeper work, book recommendations, or email coaching. 

It was a pleasure to coach with Sarah. She was well prepared and had a good understanding of my particular issues. Her vast knowledge, great tools, and upbeat personality added a nice spark to the coaching session. She successfully unlocked me from my stuck situation and gently motivated to move forward. I feel much more secure in my decision and have new perspective and clarity now. Thank you Sarah. - David Schwartz | Seattle, Washington

It’s easy for us start working together.
All you need is a phone. 

The whole time we'll work over the phone, but don't worry, my clients love it even if it seems weird at first. It ends up being convenient, safe, and a space where we can meet regardless of location. 

I offer complimentary 15-minute one-on-one consultations so we can learn a bit more about each other and see if my coaching would be a good fit for you.

Sarah was a complete joy with which to work.  Her ability to really listen during our conversations and focus in on the important aspects was impressive.  She helped me separate my fearful and reactionary lines of thinking from those positive and useful lines coming from my essential self.  I continue to use the tools she provided me on a weekly basis.  They have helped drive a much higher level of energy and confidence in both my personal and professional lifes. Thank you Sarah! - Craig Johanson | Management Consultant | Oregon


Sarah helped me get out of my own way and take my business to the next level. Her secret sauce is getting people to do their shit--the things they want to do and know they should do to be more successful but are too afraid to do it. She motivated me in a way that gave me space. I did not feel attacked or pushed or anxious, but she motivated me gently in a nice, yet serious, way that gave me room to breathe and come to my own conclusions and get over my own fears. In just one session I started planning a new product launch I had been thinking about for months. If you want to stop thinking about all of your great ideas and actually do them, reach out to Sarah. Seriously.  - Deborah Munies | Life Coach New Jersey

The best part of my experience with Sarah is her gift of actively listening to me. She gave me immediate feedback of what I was telling her, and from this I discovered the thoughts that were holding me back. Sarah gave me tips to ward off these thoughts and I have been working your tips ever since, and I am much happier and more productive because of it. - Nikki P. | Sales Specialist | Oregon


Sarah is an amazing coach, and we had an immediate connection when we met. As our coaching relationship grew, I quickly realized how much Sarah was able to help me see myself in a kinder light - with more love and less criticism. She helped me conquer some of my biggest limiting beliefs, and now I feel like there's nothing I can't do! The coaching that I did with Sarah enabled me to regain the self esteem and self confidence that I had lost. The positive way that has impacted my life is priceless. I can't thank you enough Sarah! Tasha Dalrymple | Life Coach | Nova Scotia, Canada


Sarah has been such a wonderful source of inspiration to me since she became my life coach. She is keenly insightful and has helped me bravely step into the life that I had long dreamed of, but wasn't yet living. - Abigail Davenport | Family Nurse Practitioner | New Mexico


Coaching with Sarah is like talking to your best friend.You'll laugh and feel incredibly safe. During your conversation, she'll lead you to deep realizations and the beginning of some serious internal shifts and healing. I guarantee that coaching with Sarah will be the start of some great changes in your life. And, as if that weren't enough, having a coach who's like a BFF? Who doesn't need that? - Elisia Brodeur | Massachusetts

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Stress Reduction takes practice, and Sarah is the perfect coach to guide me through the process. - J. J. | Oregon

 I have the absolute pleasure of being coached by Sarah. We took a life coaching class together and became buddies. She coached me as I coached her. Coaching with Sarah was absolutely comfortable and familiar to me. She was authentic, open and extremely easy to trust and open up to. I felt safe with Sarah and trusted her implicitly. She is a wise coach and displays a great deal of love for her clients. I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking a life coach for guidance! - Nancy, K. | Indiana 

Working with Sarah has helped me to recognize my own strengths, to value myself and to help me discover who I am and what I want for my life. She knows what questions to ask so that I could find my own answers.  She encouraged me so that I felt sure of my abilities and authenticated my own sense of self worth. She has been able to help me in my fight against negative thoughts, fears and feelings of doubt.   She has given me the tools and guidance to overcome my negative thoughts in order to be more productive in my everyday life.  I am ever so grateful for Sarah's guidance into finding the best me! - Dawn R. | California

Sarah has the gift of hearing the unspoken.  She then gently guides you through the maze of self-sabotage we set for ourselves and you come out the other side with solutions.  All this with a kind and mindful acknowledgement of our humanness.  I have nothing but admiration for the work she does and how much she has helped me. - Nancy K. | Oregon

I feel like I'm talking to a friend instead of a coach and that it is safe to tell Sarah anything. She provides a wonderful balance of empathy and directness in helping me to "see my next move" in whatever we are discussing. I am lucky to work with her! - Rebecca P. | Washington

If you still have questions, be sure to check out my FAQ page or send me an email.