AHA moments that bring your team closer together.

I am particularly passionate about facilitating discussions and guiding collective coaching experiences because powerful things happen when individuals truly listen, understand, and support one another.

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Sarah Papp recently was a guest speaker at my women's networking group Mastery by Design. She inspired us all to stretch beyond our comfort zones and limited beliefs and dig deep to discover our true passions. Sarah is a kind spirit with the heart of a teacher who genuinely seeks to bring out our best and truest selves.
- Michelle Johnson  |  Oregon Realtor & Founder of Mastery by Design

Sarah had a significant impact on the style and outcome of  our two week, global workshop. As a result of a one hour conversation with Sarah, our workshop team of over thirty people unanimously agreed that we should include more fun and rest in our workshop. We brought in toys, played short interactive games, and had longer breaks.  While some of the changes seemed counterintuitive to productivity, the results spoke for themselves:  we completed the workshop a day and a half early; we worked smarter and faster and we had much more fun doing the work.  I will plan workshops different as a result of the time we spent with Sarah, and I’ll also approach my own work-life balance differently. The time that we spent with Sarah  was well spent and we’re still reaping the dividends.  - Janet VanWormer |  Global Process Manager, Nike Inc.

I am available for lunchtime talks, retreat sessions, half or full-day workshops and offsite meetings. 

Signature talks:

Slowing Down to Find Your Genius

It’s a common cultural belief that being successful at work means giving it our all, eating lunch at our desks, and leaving rest and play for the weekend or vacation. This stress-driven behavior is leading to exhaustion, more sick days and burnout – a recipe for turnover, slower productivity and less innovation. Stress tampers with our greatest asset: our own genius.

In Slowing Down to Find Your Genius I provide a combination of neuroscience, storytelling, mindfulness-based resting exercises, and explorations of play to explain why our brains don't function as well under stress and how brilliantly we function during states of rest and play.

Participants will explore their own thoughts, behavioral patterns, and stress triggers in a workshop-like setting, however it can be modified for keynote-style presentation. Participants will leave with a framework for on-going rest and play practices that can be integrated into their daily lives and team relationships.

Forming Your Bound-By-Nothing Vision

You are bound by nothing. We all are. But what stops us from forming our vision are the beliefs we’ve taken on about what we “have” to do, what “can’t” be done, or what we “should” do – all unconscious beliefs that keep us playing small in one or more areas of our lives.

In Forming Your Bound-By-Nothing Vision I provide a 3-step approach that includes: Focusing your vision (what exactly do you want), uncovering your unconscious beliefs (example: “I’m not sure if I can do this.”) and learning how and when to take scary action to form your vision into reality.

Participants will explore what they want, where they are putting their attention and how to create razor sharp vision. Participants will leave with the tools to form their vision from the inside out that can be applied to all aspects of their lives.

In a workshop setting, it is an option to have each participant begin the process of creating a vision board.

sarah papp speaking testimonials
I had the pleasure of taking a class from Sarah called “Can’t Take It Anymore!” I so enjoyed the class and I learned some definite strategies for handling stress. I especially enjoyed that Sarah made everyone feel so welcome and gave each of us a chance to participate. The best thing about the class? Sarah herself. She has such a warm, caring, and soothing personality that I actually did feel calmer after spending 2 hours with her in the class!
- Cindy E. | Legal Shield

I have had the pleasure to attend two of Sarah’s speaking engagements recently. Both times they were so inspiring and really helped me focus on a clear path to the future, both personally and professionally. Everyone has those moments of feeling “stuck” in life. Sarah teaches how to pay attention to signals from the body and to listen to for the answers from within. While her sessions can be emotionally exhausting, they are also very enlightening. I’ve learned so much about myself from her talks. Thank you, Sarah!  - Stacey McCormack |  Musimack Marketing  


Sarah Papp is very well spoken. Made me face that in my semi-retirement I haven’t just gone to a quiet place to think about what I want to do with the rest of my life, which I will now!  – Dawn S.


Thank you for getting me started on my vision board. I’ve thought about creating one for years!  – Sue T.


This was a great course. I’ve always wanted to create a vision board, but never knew where to start. – Rachel S.