Afraid of sliding backward?

“I’ve made all this progress in my life and I’m afraid that I’ll lose it all. This always happens to me. I fall back into my old patterns and the new ‘me’ is gone and the old ‘me’ returns. I wish this didn’t happen and that I wouldn’t slide backwards again.”

-- Story told by unknown number of clients


Listen, my friend, it’s okay that you slid backwards. This is not about being perfect but about being human. Everyone expands and contracts throughout their life regardless of where they are at in their personal development. 

Look at the ocean and how it expands and contracts. When the ocean contracts the tide pools appear and you can see what’s alive inside the ocean. You can see that even in the contraction there is beauty so often hidden. 

You are like the ocean, naturally expanding and contracting.

When you feel like you’re contracting, or “sliding backward,” know that it’s an opportunity to see the details of what’s alive in you.  

What’s most important to remember is that your expansion will return. Relax into the contraction of your life right now and open yourself up to deeper learning and growing. You will find that as you do the return expansion will be even that much bigger.