The World Wants Your Art

Follow up to: How I Found Home after 9/11

A necklace given to me by a friend when I started to call myself an artist again. I just didn't know what my art was yet.Classes resumed a few days after September 11th and I returned to my advanced painting class. My professor, a tiny Swiss-born woman with a Swiss German accent, gathered our small class in a half circle and started her lesson by talking about healing and art. She went straight to the point:

Now is the time to create art more than everIn the darkest times we need to create art because it will help us heal, and it will help the world heal too. Make. Your. Art. Now get to work. 

I truly believe this – no matter if your art is with a paintbrush, a book you’ve been writing or your work with a client.

The world wants your art.   

Often I see my clients holding back from putting their art out there and they get stuck in “wait until” land. The “wait until” place sounds like:

I’m going to wait until I fully craft my idea before putting it out there, or

I’m going to wait until I have a few more connections, or

I’m going to wait until I have more money to invest, or

I’m going to wait until I have a few more readers (i.e.: I now believe people like my stuff) before I really let myself be seen.

I recognize "wait until" because I've hung out in that land myself and it sucks. It also stiff-arms your creativity. 

Creating your art is not about how it is perceived by the world.

It is about the act of creating. More importantly, it’s creating without self-criticism. The energy that lives in that playful, non-judgmental space ripples out into the world and is what the world really wants (and will pay good money for too). So start there – that’s it – playfully create. And see what form it wants to take.

You never know where it will go from there, but you actually don't really need to know either. Your art – whatever form it wants to take – will create healing in ways you can never truly know beyond the feeling inside your own heart.