Who to trust?

“If someone ever says ‘trust me’ – don’t trust them.” – Bob Foreman (aka: my dad)

I’m sure my dad was thinking of insurance salesmen or drug traffickers when he said these wise words.

And yet, when you think about it, most of us live our lives doing just the opposite.

We trust the voices of the world that say “trust me” even when it feels slimy or like prison.

“(Trust me) Quitting your job would be a huge mistake.”

“(Trust me) People don’t make money at that profession.”

“(Trust me) Working yourself to death is the only way to succeed.”

The only voice to really trust is your own.

But, I know, it can feel so hard to hear your own voice – the wiser voice of your heart – behind the screaming voices of the world, or more accurately, your mind.

It’s especially difficult when the voice of your heart says something contrary to your cultural or family beliefs.

So, how do we learn to listen to and trust our own voice?

Listen to what feels like relief.

Several years ago I was stressed, sick and miserable in a job that I hated.

When the idea of quitting my job popped into my head I felt extreme panic and shame, while simultaneously feeling immediate relief.

This was the kind of relief that made me want to drop to the floor and cry.

The voice of the heart will always point you toward relief, and it is most often felt in the body first.

Relief in the body feels like muscle relaxation, slower breathing, or sleep. It’s always the body letting go rather than tensing up.

The panic and shame I felt was the voice of the mind – the one that actually cannot know the larger picture of my life like the heart.

Have you ever felt a nudge or a whisper to do something in your life that, possibly, seemed crazy but you knew it was right for you?

(Post a comment below, I’d love to hear about it.)

That’s the voice of your heart. 

Every time the voices of the world say, “trust me,” in their own caring (or passively aggressive) way, consider it a cue to look within and listen to the voice of your heart.

Where is the voice of your heart pointing you toward relief, even if it feels scary at the moment?

I’m not saying that it’s easy to trust yourself, but I am saying that it will point you in the direction of freedom if you choose to trust it.