Being handed a pile of poop?

Do you ever feel like life just keeps handing you a pile of poop? 

We’ve been literally dealing with a lot of poop at the Papp household recently. Olivia is learning how to use the potty and along with it has come a lot of curiosity with poop.
To my horrific surprise (that's an understatement), sometimes this means literally being handed poop while cooking dinner.
This is the way that things seem to be handed to us in life, isn’t it?
When we least expect it. And when we feel like we can't deal with it. 
Except that the stuff we’re often handed in life isn’t as easy to clean up as poop from a toddler’s hand.
It shows up as an illness.
A lost job.
A bad argument.
Heart break.

And you feel scared, lost and hollow.

Maybe you feel like fighting and working harder to get your way out, or giving up all together.

Maybe you feel like shutting down, drinking a little too much, or forgetting about all of it in front of the television.
This is when life is asking more of you.

And it's the moment to remember this:   

This is happening for you, not to you.

I struggle with this one when it really, really feels like poop has hit the fan or someone got sick or something happened that wasn't supposed to happen. How is that happening for me?! 

Every challenge in life is really an opportunity to turn toward peace and see that it's always there waiting for you. 

And when you feel like you're being handed another pile of it, notice that life really looks far more like an innocent toddler than your worst enemy.

And maybe ask yourself...

How can I nurture me?
Is this the way I want to live my life?
What if it didn’t have to be this way?
Life is often trying to say that you’re meant for more. Sometimes that means finding healing in your heart, or believing in yourself, or knowing it's time to open a new chapter. 

Pause. Take a deep breath. Focus on your heart and breathe into it. 

And know that you can change your life and you don’t have go to through this alone.