Joy is your birthright

Maybe you’ve had it happen. 

You landed your dream job.

Met your perfect partner.

Or, booked your “bucket list” vacation.

You made the impossible POSSIBLE and in the middle of your squeal of glee a voice in your head says:

“I don’t deserve this.” 

Then you start to back track and wonder if the dream job is going to end up being a nightmare.

Or, you question whether this “perfect” partner is going to turn out to be a liar, or a cheater or just annoying. 

You fear you’ll end up getting the swine flu on your vacation.

Or, even worse, you think "people" will start to think that you're "snooty" because you're "living a life of luxury" taking vacations like that.

You’re sure they’ll end up hating you.  

“I didn’t work hard enough for this!” you think.

“I’m not (rich enough, old enough, smart enough) to have this happen in my life!”

Maybe you feel ashamed, like you want to hide, or revert back to the way things have been all to avoid what has come your way.


What if… “deserving” or “un-deserving” didn't exist?  

What if the truth were this: 

Joy is your birthright.

The earth never says you are un-deserving of oxygen to breathe.

The sun never says you are un-deserving of its rays to shine on your face.

And life never says that you are un-deserving of joy.

You are worthy of receiving all that life has to offer.

Start your day reminding yourself that you are no less “deserving” than anyone else of anything - whether that's a healthy body, a nice car, a fabulous vacation, the love of your life, or the magnificent feeling of pure delight.

Celebrate what feels good in your life, and remind yourself that you are worthy of feeling joy and you have the capacity to feel even more.  

Tape this on your mirror. Put a sticky note on your dashboard. See it everyday. 

Joy is your birthright.