The one thing you may not notice everyday

I live with a parrot. Not literally, thankfully, but my tiny, bright-eyed daughter has mastered the art of listening and repeating.

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Her talents also double as a mirror for me and what I say.

Last night I was cooking dinner and she asked,

“How was your day, mommy?”

“It was wonderful! How was your day?”

“Prrreeeetty good!”

(A few minutes later…)

“How was your day, mommy?”

“It was awesome! Thanks for asking.”  

(Wait for it…)

“How was your day, mommy?”

Then something occurred to me. Why do we so often ask about the past or future? Sure, we might say, "how are you doing?" but even that question often leads to “been busy”.  

So, I asked:

“How is this moment for you baby?”

Maybe it’s not so surprising that her answer remained “prrreeeetty good!” but what was surprising was how it changed that moment for me.

That’s when I really recognized the delight of our little conversation while chopping vegetables.  

I soaked it in. I looked at her eyes. I saw how tiny and young (yet old) she looked.

How often do we not notice the life that’s happening before our eyes while thinking about the past or the future?

You could be in the shower thinking about how much easier life will be when… the kids are older, there’s more money, or the construction is over... while missing the warm water on your back.

Or you could be walking into the grocery store thinking about the guy who just stole your parking spot while missing the sun on your face or the way the leaves move in the breeze.

I saw an interview with Amy Purdy, who had a near-death experience, and she said that when knocking on death’s door she thought about what she loved about life.

She loved the smell of the rain. 

She loved the sound of the ocean.

Your life – with its incredible brilliance and wonder – is happening now.

Life is what happens to you while you're.png

It’s happening when you look into the eyes of someone you love.

It’s happening when you're chopping vegetables.

It’s happening when you park your car and walk to the office.

Look for what is okay (or down right amazing) in your moment right now.

What is one thing that's okay right now?

What is one thing that's pretty damn cool right now? 

You're going to be asked "How was your day?" again very soon. Use it as a reminder to pause for a second and ask yourself, "How is this moment for you?"