Living the dream... time to freak out?!

Maybe you’ve experienced it.


You landed your dream job.

Met your ideal mate.

Or booked your “bucket list” vacation on a cruise through the Mediterranean.

It’s happening!! And in the middle of your fist pump and squeal of glee a voice in your head interrupts:  

“I don’t know... what if this isn’t as great as I thought?”

Then you start to replay the conversation with HR and that woman’s annoying laugh. You start to fear the people might be a-holes or you’re gonna give up your personal life for this job, so in the end it will suck.

Or, you question whether this “perfect” partner is going to turn out to be a liar, or stop wearing deodorant, or be on the next episode of Hoarders.

Then you flip on CNN and are confident you’ll end up getting the swine flu on your vacation.

Or, you imagine that people will start to think that you're snooty because you’re living a life of “luxury” taking a vacation like that.

You’re sure they’ll end up hating you.  

“I didn’t work hard enough for this!,” you think.

“I’m not (rich enough, old enough, smart enough) to have this happen in my life!”

“Who takes vacations like this anyway?!”

 You know who?

You do, my friend. YOU DO.

Because when it comes to the enjoyment of ALL that life has to offer you’re ALL CHIPS IN.

You know you are capable of greatness, so don’t install your own glass ceiling of how great your life can be.

You are as worthy and deserving as anyone else. 

And, believe it or not, it is your nature to love the hell out of life and to feel proud of yourself. Ask any 2-year-old - they'll show you - it's true. 

You may have just forgotten for a second that you don’t need to suffer or push hard to deserve the extraordinary of life. You are extraordinary.  

So, let's celebrate! 

Think of one thing in life right now that you’re pumped about, that makes you dance or clap and TAKE IT IN. Feel elated, feel proud, and share it with others!  

Your celebration is the truest form gratitude.

This life is yours for the taking.

Celebrate it. <3