3 Steps to Elevate Your Mindset

When the calendar turns over to a new year I feel a sense of new beginnings and dream about what I want to create, do, or change in my life for this year. 

I write down my goals. 

I create a plan. 

I get excited.

Then... I begin to doubt. 

"That's too big. It probably won't happen." 

"How in the hell would I accomplish that?" 

"Where am I going to find the time to do this?" 

Crappy thoughts that become roadblocks to dreams. 

We all have them.

Some of my most successful, gorgeous and confident clients secretly carry around thoughts that they're not good enough or doubt they can make their BIG dreams happen. 

Thoughts like.. 

  • "I've always been fat. My family is fat. I don't know if I can ever be fit and healthy." 

  • "I will have to work myself to death to make more money." 

  • "I'm too old to feel sexy and beautiful."

  • "I've tried all the dating sites. The right guy just doesn't seem to be out there."  

Until something shifts... 

Their mindset. 

When you shift your mindset and own the truth that you are worthy and anything is possible, you immediately shift the energy you're putting out into the world. 

You stand with more confidence. 

You know you have the power to create what you want. 

You unlock the shackles of feeling stuck and quit believing your life is governed by some crappy made-up rules that you don't even believe anyway. 

My 3 steps to mindset elevation

(BTW, thinking that your mindset cannot be changed is just another crappy belief.)

1. Question the hell out of your doubts. You are just as worthy as any other soul on this planet and other people want to help you make your dreams reality. Doubts are only to be disproved.  

2. Team up with someone who will call out your hidden mindset roadblocks. Spotting long-held beliefs can be as easy as seeing the tip of your own nose. Team up with a coach or mentor who can help you. 

3. Find your power thoughts. What thoughts make you feel free? Or powerful? Or confident? Repeat them--often--and make it a habit to say your power thoughts. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • "There are no rules." 
  • "Anything is possible." 
  • "Why not?"

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