How my huge screw up turned into something amazing

Ever have one of those moments where you think that you’re on top of everything and then… you realize you’re wrong?

This happened to me for one of the biggest assignments in my Master Coach Training program.

We were to write a magazine article that would be read by Martha Beck herself—you know, O Columnist and author of books that profoundly impacted my life—AND receive her feedback. 

No biggie.

Actually, I wasn’t too worried about it. We had plenty of time for the assignment, so I decided to spend some time relaxing in the sun with a book. 

I kept wondering why my Master Coach Training “peeps” were making so many comments on the forum about the approaching deadline. It was 10 days away—no need to panic.

I flipped through another chapter.

More comments—this time about the week coming to an end and the deadline approaching.

Weird. I polished off the book.

Then a light bulb went off. Possibly I should double-check the due date since it was Friday and people kept mentioning Monday.


My worst nightmare.

I wrote down the wrong Monday! It was Friday—the article was due in three days!

My peeps were talking about nearly completing their article and I (gulp) hadn’t even started mine.  

I have two sides of myself in a situation like this:

One I call Panic.

The other is Calm.

Panic wanted to grab my computer and slam it into the ground while crying, “This can’t be happening!”

Calm, on the other hand, knows how to pivot and problem solve. She’s cool. She’s grounded and is also good at telling Panic to get a grip.

Thankfully, Calm took charge. 

I took a deep breath and then did something I hadn’t done in a long time.

I closed my eyes and told myself the article was already done.

I just needed to move it from the “story world” onto the pages. The more you relax, I told myself, the easier it will flow through you.

Then I smiled because I realized I was meant to be engrossed in that book and not writing my article.

The book was “E-Squared” by Pam Grout, which has nine do-it-yourself energy experiments to prove that your thoughts create your reality. For days I had been marinating in powerful ideas about physics, focus, and shaping “reality.”

I told myself the article was done—and believed it.

I also told myself that Martha was not a famous author to be put on a pedestal, but a good friend who had a lot of helpful advice to share—I believed that too.

With the energy of calm and confidence I started to write.

Within a few hours the article was finished—less time than it can take me to write an article half its size.

Connecting to calm and confidence like this, I thought, has to be shared.

How cool would it be to read E-Squared and do these energy experiments with a group?!

What if we could support each other and increase the positive energy in our lives?

Oh! What if I invited the author, Pam Grout, to join a call and answer our questions?

It’s happening—ALL OF IT.

The E-Squared book club starts next Tuesday, February 16th and Pam Grout will be joining us for a LIVE call.

There’s still room if you want to join us! (Go here to sign up)

We are going to do all nine energy experiments, share the cool results, and shift patterns so that the energy we want in charge (like Calm) will take the lead more often.

Who knows what can come out of this.

I’d love to have you along for the ride.

PS: Oh—and don’t worry about reading the book beforehand. Just read a chapter or two each week as we go along. It’s a fast read.