It may surprise you where I asked for help

Asking for help hasn’t always been easy for me.

In my Master Coach Training I was once asked, “how can you ask for help right now?” and I stood confused, like she asked me to solve a riddle.

Since then, I’ve been practicing asking for help.

I gotta admit, I’ve cringed a few times when asking.

However—my confidence, creativity, sense of freedom, AND my business have all expanded since I started asking for help.  

The other day I had a moment of banging-my-head-against-the-wall frustration and anger and needed some serious help.

My two-year-old had gotten ahold of the key fob to my beloved SUV and started repeatedly pushing the open gate button, causing the gate to slam into the garage door roughly 100 times.

My SUV’s gate was busted.

This, of course, happened when I was trying to get the girls in the car and make it to an appointment on time.

As I pulled out of the driveway I wanted to lose it, but instead I started to say out loud, “I am feeling so angry right now. It feels like a red swirl in my chest that is moving all around and I don’t even know what to do with it.”

Then, I turned to my five-year-old for help (a new one for me).  

“Honey, what should I do with this anger right now?”

Her response: “You should take four to five deep breaths and then think of something that makes you happy.”

Okay—hold up—first, can you believe that? I don’t even remember saying these words to her, but she has been absorbing some good stuff! Dang! That was a proud mama moment.

So, I took her advice and started taking four to five deep breaths.

Then I asked her if she wanted to play a game with me thinking of things that make us happy.

Within a few miles, I had a smile on my face—even with my broken SUV gate. 

If I ask you, “How could you ask for help right now?” and it sounds like a riddle, I get it.

If the thought of asking for help makes you cringe, I get it.

But, not asking for help, often leads to overwhelm and burnout. And who wants that?

Can you think of one way that you can ask for help today?

Or, can you accept someone’s offer to help today?

It may not be easy or comfortable, but it might surprise you and have you feeling more ease in no time.

Asking for help, even in unusual ways, unlocks more freedom.

It creates space to ignite creativity.

It builds balance.

It feels like empowered, unstoppable and ease at the same time.

And who doesn’t want some of that?