How Janice created a turning point

Janice was feeling under the gun.

The VP of her company wanted to meet with her next week to discuss numbers, but her numbers weren't where she wanted them to be.

Her stomach was in knots.

The numbers needed to be explained, but she feared that he'd still be disappointed and she'd take the blame.

She wanted to throw something or cry or both. 

She also wanted to cancel her coaching session to bury herself in work, but something in her said to show up for the session anyway. 

“I'm so stressed and overwhelmed," she started, "I have to figure this out! And I don't even know if there's time.”

We started to explore her motivations to "do a good job" and her fears of disappointing the VP.

Then, Janice discovered something: She'd been defining herself by the numbers.

"OMG," she said, "When the numbers didn't seem to 'be enough' it felt like I wasn't 'enough' either." 

Janice realized that there is a difference between WHO SHE IS and the work she does. 

"I'm not the numbers," she explained. "I can discuss the numbers, but not make it ABOUT ME."

Janice's energy lightened.  

The fear and doubt faded from her and she went from wanting to hide to feeling confident and peaceful. 

"I feel like I found a power within me that I didn't really know that I had," she said.

A few days later she carried that energy into her meeting with the VP. She explained the numbers but didn't feel defined by them. 

Then, she did something she's never done before: She asked for support.  

Guess what the VP said?

He said he was so impressed by her confidence, vision, and leadership that he might have to take notes from her. And he would support her however he could.

"I'm gobsmacked!" Janice emailed to me. "This happened because I found a place of wholeness and aligned with myself before the meeting. This was a turning point." 

Feeling successful does not mean sacrificing feeling peaceful.

You can live a conscious life that is rooted in ease, and feel like a boss at work too. 

Want to create a turning point in your life? 

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