I create what I want - signed, YOU

Sam cringed every time she looked at her credit card statement. 

The girl was hustling and working hard, but the outflow of cash kept climbing and the inflow was level. 

She just wanted to stop worrying about all of the bills.

And she really wanted to feel like her work was paying off.  

But, here's the deal: Sam was driving toward what she thought she wanted, but was actually driving the wrong way. 

A lot of people make the same mistake.

But, we can change that. 

Let’s start with this…


Yes, YOU do.

Back in the day, my driving instructor would say, “Never look at the ditch because that’s where you’ll end up.”

Your life is the same way, and you get to point in the direction that you want to go.

In Sam’s case, her focus was pointed toward lack, waiting for the payoff, and believing the route was hustling, so that’s what she was experiencing.


If you don’t know what you ultimately want, you’ll most likely keep creating what you know.

It's like unconsciously driving the same route.

What you ultimately want is not that thing (like money)... it's the feeling you think you will have when you get that thing.

With Sam, she thought money was the target. After asking her some questions, she discovered that her deep desire was to feel PROUD of herself and her business.


Once you know what you really want, then you can create that in your life through your focus.

So, focusing on thoughts that create the feeling you really want will attract more thoughts like them. 

It’s the Law of Attraction.

You will also attract people and circumstances that create that feeling too. 

For Sam, she locked her focus on what she’s already proud of in her life and started making a list. She felt proud of the business she'd built thus far, her relationships, and her personal growth. 

Her list went on and continued to grow.


ONE MONTH(!) after Sam started regularly practicing feeling proud, she landed her highest paying client to date, received a new corporate contract, and three unexpected referrals.

Her pride is blowing up (her bank account is too).

You can create whatever you want in your life.

Clarity and focus are your buds. They're a tool to help you and make creating what you want feel like ease, not work. 

Buddy up with these three coaching tools and, through practice, you'll start creating what you want in your life too. 

#1 - Get in the habit of telling yourself that you are limitless and can create anything you want in life.

#2 - Identify something that you want and ask yourself how you’d feel if it magically appeared tomorrow.

#3 - Make a list of at least 30 (or more) things in your current life that bring you that feeling.  

Have fun with it!