It's okay to suck at being a mom

Let me guess . . .

Between work, the house, or the kids there are days when you want to slam your head against a wall. Or cry. Or scream.

Because you’re a good mom.

You love your kids to death.

You love being a mom.

But, sometimes… you feel like you suck at this.

Maybe you just want your kids to shut up, and you feel like a jerk for even thinking that.  

Or, you lost your mind and got really pissed at your kid, and you can’t believe you did that.

Or, maybe motherhood feels so damn hard at the moment that you don’t know why you voluntarily signed up for this gig. And that feeling sucks too.

Hey, listen, it’s okay.

This gig IS hard and it’s often thankless.

But, I’m going to be straight with you.

What really makes it hard is NOT the chaos, or arguments, tantrums or trying to get out of the house on time.

What really makes it hard is your thinking.

Your thinking could be like wearing glasses that see the world through the eyes of blame, shame, judgment, and right or wrong.   

If you tell yourself that you suck -- you’re wearing those glasses.

If you blame yourself for your kid’s struggles -- you’re wearing those glasses.

Or, if you put pressure on yourself to never screw up -- same glasses.

What if you tossed those glasses and put on a pair that saw your world through the eyes of LOVE and COMPASSION?

Imagine it. Right now. Just for a second. 

How do you see YOURSELF?

How do you see your kids?

Does the situation with them look differently?

What might LOVE and COMPASSION say to YOU when you’re struggling?

Got something?


Keep it in your back pocket. 

Here’s one more thing.

When you practice this kindness toward yourself, you’re modeling self-love to your kids. You’re showing them how it’s done. You’re walking the talk.

And when that happens. . . your kids learn how to practice self-love.

And when that happens. . . they talk to themselves with kindness. 

And when that happens. . . they feel happier and more confident. 

And when that happens. . . well, you know this already, anything is possible. 

How powerful is that, mama?

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Sarah and I began working together several months ago.  I was looking for a coach to support me in finding what I felt like I was missing in life.  On the surface my life would appear amazing, but on the inside I felt stuck and disconnected from my true self.  I felt the joy was missing.  Within one session with Sarah I felt an increased sense of ease & support, clarity, and peace.  The connection to my truth and joy quickly began to come back into my life.  Since then I've identified my internal purpose and external purpose and I've been living in a way that supports them.  Sarah's been a foundation for creating change and transformation.  I always feel like I'm talking to my best friend. Sarah understands and brings perspective, wisdom, ease, support, clarity and joy.  My son best described the results of my coaching experience with Sarah when he said "Mommy, why do you always laugh so much?"  - Mandy M. |  Colorado