Are you being honest with yourself?

I wasn't completely honest with myself. 

On vacation, I said a whole lotta YES and a whole lotta NO.

But, much of the time I didn't pay close attention to whether my YES or NO was TRUTHFUL.

Was it what I really WANTED?!

I said NO to more alone time. 
I said YES to supporting others. 
I said NO to quietly reading at the pool. 
I said YES to playing at the pool. 
I said NO to asking for help. 

Guess what happened?

Instead of feeling fulfilled, relaxed and energized, I came home so exhausted that I didn't move from the couch for almost two days. 

Every time I said YES to something I really didn't want to do, there was a little energy drain. And I ignored it.

Then, I'd say NO to something that I really did want. A little more energy drained and I ignored some more! I'd think, "We're on vacation, it's all good!" 

But, my true desires didn't care that we were on vacation! They still wanted me to take care of ME rather than putting everyone else first and thinking that "it's all good" because we're on vacation.  

No wonder I was dead to the world when I came home. 

We say YES and NO all day long. 

If you go to work, you're saying YES to work. 

If you stay up later than you want, you're saying NO to bed.

The question is... Are you saying YES to what you truly want? Or, are you saying NO honestly? 

Telling a LIE in your YES or NO is EXHAUSTING. It's an energy drain that can only be ignored for so long before you're laid up on the couch waving a white flag.

Your NO might feel shocking at first. (Saying 'no' to pool fun didn't make a whole lotta sense to me.) 

Your YES may be contrary to your culture or popular belief. 

But if you're HONEST, really HONEST with your YES and NO then you'll begin to feel a resurgence of energy and aliveness. 

Your true desires will cheer YES!!! THIS WAY!! And it feels AMAZING. 

Because your true desires have a VOICE and want to be HEARD, and they want you to be honest with yourself. 

Listen in. 

Listen to your YES. Are you being honest? 

Listen to your NO. Does it feel like the truth? 


Your honest YES and NO will serve you in ways that you cannot imagine, and they will never steer you away from what you really want.