buh bye doubt

If you ever feel discouraged, frustrated and majorly filled with self-doubt, you’re not alone. 

Whether you’re trying to grow your biz or help your kids with their challenges, we can all find ourselves feeling self-doubt. 

But, there are tools to help you shift out of those feelings and into feeling optimism, ease, and confidence!

Today we’re gonna talk about MINDSET, which is the first facet of the Formula for Ease. I’ll also give you TWO quick tools to help you shift your mindset for more ease. 

Your mindset is the way you see the world. It is shaped by the thoughts you have about yourself and situations. 

There are EMPOWERED mindsets and DISEMPOWERED mindsets. 

Empowered mindsets are expansive, adaptive, and confident. It may be no surprise that empowered mindsets feel good! 

In contrast, disempowered mindsets are more narrow, fixed, and limited in their perspective of possibilities. 

Disempowered mindsets don’t feel great. Often people describe stressful feelings, like being stuck, doubting themselves, or a lack of money/time/resources. 

The good news is, even if you’re feeling disempowered right now, you can create an empowered mindset for more ease. 


Affirmations are a great way to practice an empowered internal voice. They are intended to help you chill out and feel more empowered.  

Here are a few to practice

I am empowered to make changes and create what I want in my life. 

I can find ease in this journey, and creating what I want may even come easily.

Inspiration can come easily. 

Knowing what to do next can come easily. 

Confidence can come easily. 

You may not feel insanely confident and ready to kick ass after saying these affirmations, and that’s okay. If you slightly moved the emotional needle toward empowerment, you’re moving in the right direction. 

Practice these affirmations and see if you are able to move the emotional needle a tiny bit toward empowered. 


Now, visualize that you can only see your life through the eyes of someone who knows she is empowered. Take your time with this and use the above affirmations to help with this, too.  

Can you visualize it? Even a little glimpse? If so, ask yourself these questions: 

How do I see things differently? 

What changes do I want to make? 

What am I inspired to do? 


Mindset is a practice. Sometimes it shifts quickly and sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s OKAY. 

Continue practicing. 

Continue using the empowered affirmations and visualizing yourself as someone who sees her life through empowered eyes.

Keep asking yourself the above questions. 

Next week, we’ll talk about the next facet of the Formula for Ease: Action. 

Until then, know that things will get better and together we’ll develop your empowered mindset for more ease.