When life feels hard, remember this . . .

Let me tell you a story…

Jeremy Brown is a professional baseball player.

He’s a 240 lb catcher.

And, speed is not Jeremy’s friend.

He’s terrified to run to second base and NEVER does it.

Here’s what happens: Jeremy gets up to bat and is pitched a fastball right down the center.

He swings, hits the ball and then DECIDES to do what he NEVER does and he GOES FOR IT.

He passes first base to GO FOR second.

But THEN, he trips and FALLS. He rolls in the dirt and scrambles back to first base.

This was Jeremy’s worst NIGHTMARE come to life.

People were literally laughing at him.

BUT, Jeremy didn’t realize something.

He didn’t realize that the ball went 60 feet over the fence.

He’d actually hit a HOME RUN.

You may not realize it, but this could be your story.

Because, a lot of us do what Jeremy did:

Play it safe.

Decide to go for it.

Trip and fall.

Feel like a failure.

And beat ourselves up for it.

And what most of us don’t realize in these moments is that what might seem like failure, is actually a HOME RUN. 

You might feel like your worst nightmare is coming to life, but it’s actually the Universe pointing you toward the incredible

Instead of beating yourself up, PAUSE and ask yourself:
“What if I actually hit a home run?
The Universe is pointing me toward the incredible, what could it be?” 


The Universe has your back and is ALWAYS pointing you toward the incredible, even when it doesn’t seem like it AT ALL.   

If something sucks in your life right now, practice seeing it as a road sign pointing you toward the incredible.

You might see the whole situation differently, or you might realize that nothing is happening TO YOU, it’s happening FOR YOU

If you can remind yourself that, and feel some relief from it, let me tell ya… you hit a home run.



PS: Wanna see the video clip of Jeremy Brown? Check it out right here. It's a scene from one of my favorite inspirational movies, Moneyball. 

PPS: Wanna chat about this live? Join me this Thursday, Feb 21st @ 12pm Pacific for a Facebook Live conversation about how to see "mistakes" as a home run. Mark your calendar and meet me here!