Here's when to give up

Do you ever feel like life is kicking your ass? 

My hand is raised. Recently, several of my clients have come to our sessions in tears, feeling like failures, feeling like it’s all so hard, not knowing how much more they can try.  

The theme? 

Life is kicking my ass and I wanna give up. 

This is when a lot of us believe that we just have to try harderfind a way, and push through… only to feel exhausted, defeated, and more like failures because of the deep longing to say, “fuck it.” 

But, what if this longing to “give up” is actually inner wisdom pointing us away from the old-school, masculine approach to get fierce and try harder, and TOWARD OUR TRUE POWER?

What if the smartest move for a thriving life, work, family and business is to GIVE UP? 

Here’s what I mean… 

Give up criticizing yourself.

Give up putting pressure on yourself.

Give up trying so hard to do everything “right.”

Give up trying to please people

Give up wearing a fake smile.

Give up on saying “yes” when you mean “no.”

Give up on fearing what might happen next.

Give up on believing that you suck.  

Give up listening to the voice in your head that says you’re not enough now.

Give up believing that what that person said or did had anything to do with you (it didn’t). 

Is this what you want to give up? 

Then, I encourage you to throw in the towel immediately

Copy of Finding What's Funny.png

Say “fuck it” to pressure, pushing through and being hard on yourself. 

Then, tell yourself it’s ALL OKAY. 

IT'S OKAY that you’re not at your best. 

IT'S OKAY that things might suck right now. It won’t be this way forever. 

IT'S OKAY that you did, or didn't do, that thing. 

IT'S OKAY that you haven't felt like yourself.

IT'S OKAY that you’re releasing the pressure value and easing up on yourself. 

Things are going TO BE OKAY. 

Actually, things will get better -- lots better. 

Never give up knowing that things will get better. 

And, never give up on the power and strength of your own self-kindness. 

Shush the inner critic and tell yourself exactly what you need to hear right now to feel better. 

When we do this, the sucky chapters of life actually begin to serve us. 

This is when “fuck it” becomes the new-school, courageous, expansive, and deep practice of shushing the inner critic, leaning into self-kindness, and finding your wisest, strongest, most powerful self again. 

I threw in the towel.

So, wanna join me? 



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