DO THIS for your big endeavors

Big endeavors are being attempted at our house.

My two and a half-year-old is learning to use the potty. It usually plays out like this:

She asks to sit on the potty.

Then, she sits and waits on the potty with a HUGE SMILE on her face.


She yells, “All done!” (still, nothing happened)

Her feet hit the floor again and she goes running through the house yelling, “I DID IT!! I DID IT!!”

Girl celebrates her attempts like no one I’ve ever seen!

Not always the case for the adults I know.

For many, an “unsuccessful” attempt at something is met with disappointment, sometimes even a desire to give up altogether after ONE ATTEMPT.

I’ll hear things like, “I don’t know if I can do this” or “Nobody cares.”

Let’s put the brakes on responding to your attempts with disappointment.

Attempts are to be celebrated like a two-year-old running around the house yelling, “I DID IT!!”

If you’re TRYING something, then celebrate your attempts as much as your accomplishments because AN ATTEMPT IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT.


Toast your attempt at dinner.

Call up your best friend and tell her that you attempted something and wanted to share the news.

Celebrating your attempts not only feels good and keeps the momentum going, but it actually moves you closer to your desires because it tells the Universe to send you more things to CELEBRATE.

And, it focuses your mindset on what you’ve done -- rather than worrying about what hasn’t happened yet.

I promise you that my two-year-old is not worried about whether she will be in diapers forever.

So, don’t worry about staying where you’re at forever either.



And then, give yourself a motto like, “I DID IT. I tried. I learned. Let’s try again and learn some more.”

Practice this, and you’ll be attempting more, celebrating more, and feeling proud of your many, many accomplishments.  

Let’s raise a glass to all of your attempts.

You did it.

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