Shifting your money mindset to attract more moola

Money is not what most of us have been conditioned to think it is.

If we step back and think about it for a second, most of us probably spend money without even touching physical currency.

It’s numbers, moving around, that we’re thinking about and attaching A LOT of meaning to.

We make money mean that we’re WORTHY or not, SUCCESSFUL or not, have ENOUGH or not, get to pursue our DREAMS or not, are SECURE in the future or not (just to name a few).

These thoughts create a MONEY MINDSET.

Your mindset about money is telling a story to the Universe. And whatever story you’re telling the Universe, you’re attracting back to you.

And then it appears to be your money reality.

Without your story… money is just money. It’s numbers. Paper. Metal.

Change your mindset about money and tell a different story to the Universe, then you’ll attract a new money story back to you.

You’ll attract different thoughts about money.

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You’ll attract different feelings about money.

And...  you’ll attract more moola too.

Shifting your mindset is about NOTICING the story that you’re currently telling and then switching it to tell the story that YOU REALLY WANT TO TELL.

It sounds easy, but it takes PRACTICE.

START by creating a mantra that tells the story you want to tell.

It could be…

There is plenty of money and there will be plenty of money.

I am worthy of wealth and abundance.

Money comes to me easily.

USE this mantra when you feel great about money, but USE IT when you feel like CRAP ABOUT MONEY to shift your mindset.

Remember, when you shift your mindset about money you tell a different story to the Universe, and then ATTRACT the new story back to you.

When you FEEL BETTER about money know that you ARE attracting money to you.

Feeling better is your first manifestation.

Celebrate feeling better like you’d celebrate some more Benjamins in your wallet.

Tell yourself that it’s only getting better from here.

And notice how it is.

It is getting better.

This is the beginning of a new and amazing story for you.

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