5 Steps to Tidy Your MIND + Spark More JOY

Have you seen the new Tidying Up series on Netflix? Well, thanks to the new series, Marie Kondo’s method of exploring what SPARKS JOY has returned in a BIG WAY. 

If you’re not familiar, Kondo guides her clients through tidying up their homes by holding every single possession and seeing if it sparks joy.

If it does, it stays. If it doesn’t, it gets tossed out. 

In the end, everything in your home should SPARK the feeling of JOY. 

This is with our physical possessions. 

But, what about the rest of our lives? 

Work? Relationships? Money? How do we deal with that?

For many, life is about how much shit you can tolerate. Things suck, but you work harder and hope it will get better, right? 

Ugh. Joy killer.

This is also a MINDSET that leads to more shit to tolerate. 

Which often leads to burnout, or grinding to a halt from overwhelm. 

We can change this. 

Your mind is your home. 

And, it should be your HAVEN. 

What many don’t realize is that they’re tolerating a MINDSET that’s cluttered and filled with crap, which leads to feelings of OVERWHELM, LIMITATION, and STRUGGLE.

Tolerating crappy thoughts like, “I’ll deserve good things after sacrificing or pushing hard to get them.”  

Or, “Money doesn’t come easily, and if it does, you’re probably a jerk or a cheat.” 

What we need to do is toss out these crappy thoughts like a bad white elephant gift that NEVER SPARKED an ounce of JOY for you.

And gather better-feeling thoughts to build a MINDSET that SPARKS JOY. 

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Notice when you’re feeling limited, frustrated, disappointed, or stressed about something.

  2. Next, tell me what you think about this situation. Start by finishing this sentence to help: “I think... "  

  3. If this thought feels crappy, tell yourself that we’re tossing this one out. Playfully SAY OUT LOUD“Trash it!” or “Donation pile!” (although, really, we don’t need to donate crappy thoughts to anyone else).

  4. Let’s bring a better-feeling thought into your mind-home. What would feel better to think? What might feel a tiny bit closer to joy? Okay, let’s even be irresponsible… what thought would SPARK PURE JOY with this situation? It doesn’t have to be “practical,” it just needs to feel better.  Write it down.

  5. Finally, practice this better feeling perspective so that it stays in your mind-home. If we don’t practice, the next thing we know that old thought has reappeared like another bad white elephant gift that you were sure you tossed out. 

Let’s practice noticing the thoughts that we have like possessions that we own.

Toss out the ones that don’t feel good, and bring into your mind-home the thoughts that feel closer to JOY and EASE. 

Make it a daily practice to do this mental tidying so that your mind, body and spirit feels like ease and your joy-filled HAVEN.  

As you do this, notice what you no longer tolerate and what you begin to ATTRACT into your life. It will feel like magic and be totally life-changing.

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