My "someday, maybe..."

You may not know this, but since my late teens/early twenties New York has felt like another home to me.

I’m a native to Portlander, but spent my college years at Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville (just north of the Bronx).

Yet, I haven’t been to my “other home” in probably 16 years.

Sometimes, I ached for New York. I’d close my eyes and remember the smell of bagels and pizza and hear the sounds of the city.

I’d remember the feeling of walking through galleries in Soho and the beauty of the leaves changing in the fall.

Going back to New York City and my alma mater has been a “someday, maybe.”

It was a “someday” because I’ve had two kids over the last 6-ish years and didn’t really want to go while pregnant, or with a nursing baby, or with the whole family and all of our kid gear.

That sounded like work.

It’s been a “maybe” because I couldn’t see when it was going to be a good time.

Then, one morning I woke up thinking of New York and asked myself, “why not now?”


I felt it.

It felt ease and excitement and ready-ness -- the feelings of right timing.

I looked at airline tickets and they were shockingly good.

My “someday, maybe” became a “soon, it’s gonna happen!”

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New York, I’m coming to see you (and my dear friend, Deb) this Friday!! I’m beyond excited.

And, I’m leaving the family at home.

So, let me ask you, do you have a “someday, maybe”?

If so, why not now?

Maybe the timing just doesn’t feel right, and that’s okay, but what would it feel like if the timing were right?

What’s that feeling?

What if you switched your “someday, maybe” to “it’s gonna happen!” (even if you don’t know when!)?

That’s what I’ve adopted.

If I think “someday, maybe” I pause and switch my thinking to “someday soon, absolutely, it’s gonna happen!”

It’s not a “maybe” it’s an “ABSOLUTELY.”

This is practicing having a limitless mindset. We might confuse a limiting thought at first by saying, “someday, maybe”, but together, we can make subtle changes in our thinking that have a HUGE impact.

Like knowing with full confidence that you are limitless and that what you want is gonna happen, and it may just happen sooner than you think. :)

More soon,

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