AMAZING has your name written all over it

“Everything feels like a mess. I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t love my job, parenting feels hard, I love my husband… but we’re not connecting.”

This was my client, Kate, about a year ago. She came to our first session feeling helpless.

It all felt like a confusing road and she’d lost her way. But today, Kate looks back at this last year with amazement.

She knows herself in a way she never has before.

She speaks her mind.

She protects time for daily yoga and meditation.

She feels connected to her children and husband on a deeper level, and she sits in meetings confidently when she used to sweat with stress.

“Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how amazing things are!” she said in our last session, “I  know what I want so much that I keep welling up with happy tears (laughing).”

A lot can change in one year.

You really can make 2019 what you want.

It’s not hype. It’s not BS.  

I’m just telling you what I’ve seen in the dozens of clients I’ve worked with this last year, and I’m telling you that it’s possible for you too.

If your road feels confusing, we can make it clear.

Let's start here: 

Ask yourself this: What would amaze me if it happened this year?

Write it down. Look at it.

That’s possible for you.

Here’s to starting 2019 with the spirit of possibility!

I can’t wait to see what you create this year. 

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