Doubting yourself? Let's become more CONFIDENT

Is this you?

You want to live with purpose.

You have things you want to DO in this life, and you want to do them WELL.

Even if your DREAMS seem fuzzy, you know you have them, and you know you WANT to clarify and create them.

You want to grow, and contribute and feel PROUD.

But then, you’re juggling a lot to do and much of it isn’t fun.

You’re thinking a lot.

Then, doubt creeps in.

Your confidence in your ability to make your semi-fuzzy dreams a reality feels crushed.

It feels like a cat and mouse game of chasing after something that you’re not sure you can catch and wondering whether or not it’s even the right mouse.

If it is you, you’re not alone.

Many sharp as hell women aspire to turn their ideas into reality, but feel stuck.

Stuck from doubt.

Stuck from busyness.

Crushed by the lack of confidence.

Turns out, women are more likely to struggle with confidence than men.  


“Simply put, a woman’s brain is not her friend when it comes to confidence. We think too much and we think about the wrong things,” says Katty Kay of the Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance -- What Women Should Know.

We can change this.

Yeah, we think a lot, but we can guide our thoughts.

We can change our MINDSETS and coach ourselves to be able to DO things, SAY things, and HANDLE things we previously doubted that we could.

And, guess what? One of the building blocks for TRUE CONFIDENCE (not cockiness, not faking it) is SELF-COMPASSION.

Women are pretty damn amazing at COMPASSION and are quick to learn the art of self-compassion.

This builds even more confidence.

And, we actually attract more confidence when we practice feeling confident. We attract thoughts, situations and more feelings of confidence.

Your gifts are needed in this world.

If you doubt yourself or ever struggle with confidence, then join me next Monday, May 6th @ 1pm PT for my FREE class, Attracting Confidence. It’s part three of my 3-part course.

We’ll talk about mindset, action, and self-compassion so that you walk away with tools to build your confidence and attract more confidence with ease. Get your seat here.

It’s time that more women felt confident to be their true selves and share their gifts and ideas with the world, so please invite a friend to this party.

Forward her this email, post this link on your social media (, and together let’s gather more women to become more AUTHENTICALLY CONFIDENT with ease.

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