“I don’t know… there are a lot of goals that I didn’t meet this year,” my client Meghan said.

“We didn’t meet our goals at work, and we could have saved more money at home, and (sigh) I’m still not getting up as early as I’d like.”

This was coming from a woman who, in the last year, accepted a layoff with grace and optimism, and then landed a new job within four weeks!

She also found her love of painting again.

She initiated communication changes at her daughter’s school.

And found a level of body confidence that she’s never had before.

She started going on monthly dates with her husband.

And hired a contractor to break ground on her bathroom remodel dream.

But, in that moment, Meghan forgot all of that.

She was in a moment of looking at what hadn’t happened. And that’s what she saw.

So, we redirected her focus to what happened in 2018 that made her feel proud.

“Oh, I feel like a totally different person,” Meghan said. Then, accomplishments, changes, “ah-ha” moments, and surprises started pouring out of her.

“I stopped putting others needs before my own,” she said, “and made changes to find ME and feel more like me. That’s huge. That’s number one.”

If you’re looking back at 2018 and thinking about what didn’t happen, then redirect your focus to what makes you feel PROUD.

What did you learn?

What did you create?

What did you survive?

Who did you meet?  

Write a list of WHAT YOU DID -- big and small -- and take that PROUD energy into the New Year.

THAT’S the energy that will create MORE PROUD moments for you.

You’ll be kicking off this New Year feeling proud about what you did in 2018 and empowered to do more amazing things in 2019.

Here’s to a MAGICAL New Year filled with ease, accomplishments, “ah-ha” moments, and surprises for you.


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