When I was in college I started playing this sort of “game” with a friend of mine.

It started with one of us doing something stupid.

Or, at least, doing something that our then late-teen/early-twenty-year-old brain thought was a good idea.

Then some sort of colossal failure or embarrassment would follow.

Like, the time that I actually boarded the WRONG FLIGHT and realized I was on my way to San Antonio rather than Portland in just the nick of time.

Or, the time that I strutted in my new boots only to TRIP AND FALL in the middle of the outdoor dining space while the bagel and cream cheese I was holding slid across the patio.

These were the moments when we’d find the other and say with a grin, “Oh man… you’ll never believe what happened!”

We’d both be nearly laughing even before hearing the story, because we knew that failure was funny.

The worse the story got, the funnier it became.

I started to find myself in the middle of craziness thinking, “this story just keeps getting better and better!”

Since then, I’ve caught myself taking the craziness of life pretty seriously.

When my toddler emptied the Cheerios container on the floor, and started throwing them like confetti, it didn’t seem funny at first.

Or, when we had a tv, microwave, and cell phone all break within a few days and then ended the week with lice coming home from school… it didn’t seem so funny.  

Until, I called up my ol’ college friend and told her these stories and we were both laughing hysterically.

It’s all kinda funny, isn’t it?

But, a lot of us are taking it pretty seriously.

What if we’re here in this human experience to have a good time, laugh at ourselves, mix it up, make mistakes, feel like crap, have a good laugh at it and try again?

Maybe busyness, failures or annoyances are just material for a FUNNY STORY.

Your life — with all of the busyness, crazy characters, and mishaps — is a GREAT STORY.

And humor is lurking everywhere.

Even if you’re going through really hard stuff, humor is lurking, and it’s okay to laugh.  

I’ve seen humor appear like a divine slice of light in some dark moments.

In those moments humor can feel like love and a reminder that it’s alright.

We’re human.

We’re funny creators.

And life can be hard and funny too.

Your life is a great story.

Look for humor in the crazy. Look for humor in the “I can’t believe this is happening” moments.

When you start to look for humor you might find yourself telling someone with a smile, “You’ll never believe what happened!”

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PS: Have a funny, embarrassing, or ridiculous story from your life? POST IT! Sharing it with someone, even in written form with me, can shift the energy from serious to hilarious. And that’s something to love.