I don't wanna see you work

Old-school, fear-based rules seem to be everywhere. 

I often see them on my social feed and in my inbox from other coaches

Here’s a recent message that I found entertaining: 

“I don’t want to see you dance. I wanna see you work.” 

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Damn. I can’t dance and work at the same time? I guess I’m totally screwed. 

Or this one: 

“Do the hard work and then enjoy the rewards as you climb to the next level.”

I don’t know about you, but my old-school, hard-working, follow-the-rules mindset would have read that and thought, “Okay, I gotta buckle down, do the hard work, hustle my ass off, and then I’ll get the rewards. It will be totally worth it.”

This way of thinking took me down the path of self-doubt, exhaustion, sickness, dread and unhappiness. 

You know why? 

Because it’s FEAR-BASED.

The underlying message is: Work hard to avoid failure/poverty/shame. Afterward, you’ll feel good/be successful/and feast on the rewards.  

It’s sooooooooo convincing because it activates the PRIMAL, instinctive, overriding part of our brain that’s built for SURVIVAL. 

This part of our brain scans for threats in the form of lack (famine) or attack (cougar in the woods). It also sees the potential for “mistakes” or “failure” equally as threatening.

When this part of the brain is activated, the higher part of the brain that’s responsible for creativity, relationship building, compassion, and communication is essentially TURNED OFF. So, it actually MAKES IT HARDER to create, dream, and connect. 

IGNORE the old-school, fear-based rules.

You can make an impact, climb to the next level, grow your business, travel the world, write your book, do AMAZING THINGS from a LOVE-BASED, EMPOWERED fuel that doesn’t feel like hard work

It feels like passion, flow and ease.  

And it looks like a dance. 

We’re evolving beyond the archaic rules to CREATE, CONNECT and LEAD from the love-based, empowered, higher, conscious mind. 

Exercise your higher mind EVERY SINGLE DAY by telling yourself that YOU’RE LIMITLESS.

Imagine the possibilities as we do this. 

So, I don’t wanna see you work. I wanna see you DANCE! 

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