You + me, let’s manifest some stuff

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. It is not philosophy. It is physics.”

-- Albert Einstein

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Everyday life can make it easy to forget that we’re all bundles of energy attracting like-energy and creating our own reality.

Look around you right now… everything you see is energy.

Your body is energy.

Money is energy.

Your thoughts are energy.

Which means that what you think, and how you feelattracts like energy and shapes your life.

That’s the just law of attraction.

It’s not philosophy, it’s physics. And it doesn’t favor one person over another.

You can’t ‘get good at the law of attraction’ anymore than you can get good at gravity.

But you can focus your thoughts and attention to attract what you want -- whether that’s a stronger body, more money, or a new relationship -- with more ease rather than effort.  

It happens when your thoughts and feelings produce an energy that matches the energy of what you want.

That’s when things fall in your lap and you appear to be a manifesting machine.

Easy, right?

HA! Sorta…

The challenge is that our brains are wired for survival and constantly scan for potential threat.

Then, most of us have been conditioned to avoid potential threat by working hard, and thinking of ways to protect or defend.

Then we get stressed.

And overwhelmed.

And challenges appear, or our health goes south, and attracting seems impossible.

But, it’s not impossible.

You really can attract exactly what you want without struggle.

It just takes practice.

With practice you can recondition yourself to look for what you want, rather than what you don’t.

You can also rewire your brain so that thinking better thoughts becomes easier.

And then, attracting what you want into your life feels kinda like magic.  

Let’s get the attraction ball rolling with a short + simple law of attraction exercise.

Here’s what you do:

Write down 10 things that are going really well for you right now. If you easily make it to 10, then go for 30 or more. 

Do this daily for ONE WEEK and notice if you feel any differently and/or if you attract something wanted into your life.  

That’s it! 

It’s so simple that many people don’t bother to do it(!) and then miss out on the benefits of the practice and the momentum it builds (especially when you keep going after one week).

Remember, it’s physics, so experiment with it!

You may not become a manifesting machine overnight, or even within a week, but with practice it’ll feel easier and easier to attract what you want.

It might even feel like magic.


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