Peace is whispering your name

When I was a little girl we’d drive out to my grandpa’s house every Christmas Eve.

We’d take the “back roads,” which were all country, leading us from the Portland suburbs and deep into Oregon farmland.

The entire drive would be pitch black, until we’d see a farmhouse completely lit up in Christmas lights.

It felt like a spectacle of lights put on just for us.

I’d squeal with excitement and press my face against the window while begging my dad to slow the car so that I could lock my eyes on the lights a little longer.

It all felt so simple and peaceful.

Kinda magical too.

For many of us, Christmas can feel more complex these days. Joy might sit right next to grief, or be tangled with stress, or fears of what’s next.  

For some, it can feel more like a drive through darkness while still trying to wear a happy face.

There is still light, though.

A light that feels peaceful and, sometimes, kinda magical.

But it isn’t out the window.

It doesn’t arrive in having things go a certain way, or having someone agree with you, or even in having a clean house.

It’s right inside you.

Peace is there, in the background of it all, whispering your name.

It doesn’t always feel easy to access, but you can, by going to the simplicity of each moment.

Like, noticing the simplicity of wrapping a gift or washing a dish.

Or, the simplicity of driving home.

Sometimes it’s seeing the simplicity in everyday messes or in taking a deep breath.

Focus on the moment.

Whether it’s a moment brimming with joy, or one that feels complex, going into the moment will bring more light and peace.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have.” -- Eckhart Tolle

Here’s to wishing you peace.

I hope that you feel like a child pressing your face against the window of a car, absolutely loving the ride and the spectacle of lights to come.

Much love,


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