There's Not Enough Time

Catch Yourself Thinking, "I don't have time!"?

"I don't have time for this!" 

This was the thought that ran through my head as Olivia took another blueberry and dropped it on the floor. Not more than two berries had made it into her mouth and it was nearly time to leave for her play school. I wanted her to get there on time so that I could meet my first client of the day ON TIME.

And then I caught myself, I don't have time for this? Ha! There it is. That thought that I read about in, "There's Not Enought Time.. and other lies we tell ourselves" by Jill Farmer.

The double irony? I was DAYS away from interviewing Jill Farmer about her book and this very thought that I was having with time and my toddler. 

I started laughing out loud. I glanced over at the book on my end table and back to Olivia who returned my laughter with a smile. 

A new thought came in my mind, "She is so cute and so little. Some day I will miss her being so small." I took a deep breath and thought, "All is well. All will be fine. The world will not end if we're a few minutes late."

Turns out we finished up, got in the car, and arrived on time -- without the same stress that I may have experienced if I'd kept the thought around. Not only that but the gratitude I ended up feeling for that very moment stayed with me for the rest of the day.

A few days ago I teamed up with Jill Farmer to talk about the struggle that so many have of truly feeling like there isn't enough time.

Can it really change? 

Here's a little snippet of our conversation where Jill shares one of the key tools to reclaiming time.


Want the entire interview? Click here for full access.  

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