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“I don’t know… there are a lot of goals that I didn’t meet this year,” my client Meghan said.

“We didn’t meet our goals at work, and we could have saved more money at home, and (sigh) I’m still not getting up as early as I’d like.”

This was coming from a woman who, in the last year, accepted a layoff with grace and optimism, and then landed a new job within four weeks!

She also found her love of painting again.

She initiated communication changes at her daughter’s school.

And found a level of body confidence that she’s never had before.

She started going on monthly dates with her husband.

And hired a contractor to break ground on her bathroom remodel dream.

But, in that moment, Meghan forgot all of that.

She was in a moment of looking at what hadn’t happened. And that’s what she saw.

So, we redirected her focus to what happened in 2018 that made her feel proud.

“Oh, I feel like a totally different person,” Meghan said. Then, accomplishments, changes, “ah-ha” moments, and surprises started pouring out of her.

“I stopped putting others needs before my own,” she said, “and made changes to find ME and feel more like me. That’s huge. That’s number one.”

If you’re looking back at 2018 and thinking about what didn’t happen, then redirect your focus to what makes you feel PROUD.

What did you learn?

What did you create?

What did you survive?

Who did you meet?  

Write a list of WHAT YOU DID -- big and small -- and take that PROUD energy into the New Year.

THAT’S the energy that will create MORE PROUD moments for you.

You’ll be kicking off this New Year feeling proud about what you did in 2018 and empowered to do more amazing things in 2019.

Here’s to a MAGICAL New Year filled with ease, accomplishments, “ah-ha” moments, and surprises for you.


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When it feels like all hustle and no play

Shonda Rhimes is a titan. 

As a writer and executive producer, she's been responsible for creating 70 hours of television programing per season, creating hundreds of jobs, and generating $350 million dollars per season.

How does she do it? 

The hum. 

The hum, as she says, is hitting the high note, finishing the marathon and being Beyoncé all in one. The hum is God's whisper in her ear. 

And then, the hum stopped. 

She was burned out. Overworked. Run dry. 

The hum seemed broken. 

Inside, it was silent. 

Hundreds of jobs, 70 hours of programing, $350 million on the line and. . . silence

And then her toddler asked her a question, "Mama, will you play with me?"  She was already late to an event and about to say no, but then... this time... she said yes. 

She stopped and played. Between reading books, being silly, and making her daughters laugh she started to hear a faint hum. Not the hum, but a hum. 

What is the hum? 

It's love. 

It's joy. 

It's peace and confidence and the feeling of being fully alive. 

That's what Shonda Rhimes calls the hum. 

That's what I call EASE. 

But, you don't have to be a titan to experience the hum. 

We all have access to this space where things come together and world feels like magic. 

It starts by finding your way to what you love. 

Your way to joy. 

Your way to hearing God's whisper in your ear. 

Your life's hum. 

That's when life begins to feel like magic and ease and excitement. 

That's when you feel unstoppable and alive. 

Wanna find your hum? 

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Let's find your hum. 

Money Ease: How to Create the Money Relationship of Your Dreams

Money and I haven’t always had a good relationship.

I used to believe that money made me work really hard, like stressed-out, overwhelmed, feeling sick work-hard, for just a little bit of money love.

Sometimes I wondered if money and I just weren’t compatible.

Other times I feared that maybe I’d be stuck in this money relationship forever.

Looking back I can clearly see that money was never the issue. 

My fear-based beliefs about money formed my sucky relationship.

Thankfully, I dumped my old beliefs and my relationship with money changed big time. Now, my relationship with money feels so good, and solid and based in ease.

For many, relationship struggles with money abound and just thinking about money can feel exhausting, frustrating, or painful, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

You have the ability to create the relationship you want with money.

It starts by identifying the beliefs you want to dump, then honing in on money beliefs that feel amazing, and practicing those thoughts and feelings to attract more of those thoughts and feelings. 

When you do this the way you interact with money and how it flows in and out of your life changes.

Why does this work?

It’s energy.

Just like with people. Have you ever experienced a time when someone was pissed or impatient and the energy was so palpable that you could feel it even without knowing what was going on? Sometimes that energy makes others around them get pissed and impatient too, right? Energy. 

On the flip side, can you think of a time when someone was kind, secure, open, and joyful and everyone seemed drawn to them? Well, isn’t that energy really attractive?

Money works the same way.

Alright, let’s get started shifting your energy and creating the money relationship you want.

Go get a piece of paper or your journal so that you can write during this exercise.


This is relationship status time. You and money are in a relationship, and unless it is over-the-moon amazing, then it’s time to see what beliefs you’re ready to dump.

So, how’s it going between you two? Spill your guts on paper about this relationship. Don’t hide any details, just lay it out there.

Are you pissed, desperate, resentful, or uninterested? Why?

What do you want it to change? Why?

Now write down how it feels, like the emotions that come up for you as well as physical sensations in your body.

Take note of the energy you have around money right now.


Now it’s time to hone in on money beliefs that feel amazing to you and identifying how you want to feel

Imagine that we’ve wiped the slate clean.

I know it’s not easy to dump your money beliefs, especially when they’ve been around forever, but for this exercise just pretend that you dumped them and you’re starting anew.

What do you want your relationship with money to be like? This is your ideal.

Here’s the key: Don’t think about how you could create this relationship, but focus on what you want to feel.

If you’re feeling stuck in this exercise, then look at what’s not working from step one and consider the opposite.

For example, if you feel desperate and believe that money is always a struggle, then you may want to feel secure and believe that money is never a struggle.

Write out your ideal relationship right now, paying attention to how it would feel.

This is energetically aligning you with the feelings you want with money.


This is when you start attracting more of those thoughts and feelings that you identified from step two.

You should now have a description of your ideal relationship with money. Let’s zero in a bit more.

Circle all of the feelings (freedom, joy, security, abundance, etc.) you described.

What’s the best feeling in the list?

Let’s just say that it’s freedom. Take that feeling and look at your life right now.

Do you feel freedom anywhere in your life right now?

If not, that’s okay. Is there anything that you could do today to create the feeling of freedom?

For example, when I’m driving with the windows down listening to “See the World” I feel a huge amount of freedom, joy and expansiveness. It feels like anything is possible.

Then, I think things like… wow, isn’t this amazing? I love this view. I love this drive. I love this music. I love this feeling. 

This is one way that I drink my freedom juice.

I might link it back to money by thinking… I love how everything always works out for me. Anything is possible—absolutely anything. I’m so grateful for everything that I have right now.

It’s WAY easier to find these types of thoughts when I’m already feeling the freedom vibe with my music than if I tried to jump there from fear and scarcity.

So, how does this link back around to changing your relationship with money?


When you practice your new beliefs and do what feels amazing, you’ll start to see money with new eyes. You might have new ideas, greater confidence, or be offered an amazing opportunity.

Synchronicities happen.

And then, sooner than you may imagine, it will feel like the money relationship you’ve always wanted. 

Creating Ease: 3 Steps for filling your bucket with more ease

Creating Ease: 3 Steps for filling your bucket with more ease

Liz was stuck in the trap of overwhelm. It seemed that there was always something to do, and not enough time to do it. 

"I don't have anything huge happening in my life," she said, "but I feel like all of these little things add up and make me feel less like ME. I just want things to feel easier." 

Liz and I talked about what it would feel like if things were easier. We didn't discuss the details of how, but played with the feeling of more ease. 

She took a deep breath and then started to describe moving through her day without having things bother her so much.

3 Steps to Elevate Your Mindset

3 Steps to Elevate Your Mindset

When the calendar turns over to a new year I feel a sense of new beginnings and dream about what I want to create, do, or change in my life for this year. 

I write down my goals. 

I create a plan. 

I get excited.

Then... I begin to doubt. 

"That's too big. It probably won't happen." 

"How in the hell would I accomplish that?" 

"Where am I going to find the time to do this?" 

Crappy thoughts that become roadblocks to dreams. 

We all have them.