Write Your OWN Rules


When growing up, most of us were taught to listen and follow the rules. Be a “good girl” and do as you’re told.

Don’t question the rules. Don’t break the rules.

Like little soldiers, following orders.

Wanting to do things “right” or, at least, avoid doing it “wrong.”

And then, we grew up, and many of us did what we knew and continued to follow social rules.

Rules like:

You must work hard to be successful.

Don’t question your boss or client, or you could get fired.

Don’t, at any cost, get fired.

You’ll be stressed if you care about being successful and doing a good job.

Work as many hours as possible to get the job done.

MADE-UP rules.

Once upon a time it was a made-up, social rule that women couldn’t wear pants, and people of different races couldn’t get married.

Oh, wait! Those made-up rules were actual fucking LAWS.

Today, many are believing made-up, OUTDATED fear-based rules that cling to the notion of THREAT and SCARCITY and one way of doing things.

And, it’s costing us.

It’s costing us JOY, HEALTH, SANITY, and a feeling of EASE in life.

It’s costing us in our business in the form of disengagement, resentment, and burnout.

A Harris poll showed that only 33% of Americans polled claimed to be “very happy.”

And much of society believes these costs are normal.

It’s NOT NORMAL to be miserable and unhealthy.  

If it is, then we need a NEW NORMAL.


Let’s live and lead in a new way.

We can lead with compassion, inspiration, and innovation.

We can feel excitement, joy and ease.

We can grow, expand and profit from collaboration and inspired ideas.

It starts with questioning the out-dated, fear-based rules.

Think about it… what have some of the most brilliant leaders of our time done?

They QUESTIONED the social RULES.

Look at the rules you may be believing in your life.

As Mark Twain said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, question yourself.”

Question anything that’s based in fear.

Question any rule that’s dictating your life, your happiness or making you feel limited.

You’re not limited.

Look for leaders who are not buying the social rules (Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, Tim Ferris, Richard Branson, Shefali Tsabary).

Begin to write your OWN RULES that are based on what your HEART tells you to be true.

When you lead from your heart, you will lead to your true success.

Xo Sarah Papp.png