Your 2019 Picture: WHAT IF…?

This is right about the time in January where any “New Year” buzz begins to fade right along with most resolutions too.

Life begins to look like it did… again.

But, WHAT IF today were different?

WHAT IF today you realized that you could do more than you’ve imagined?

And then, WHAT IF today turned into a fulfilling tomorrow, and then an incredible week?

WHAT IF a whole month felt different?

WHAT IF you looked back at 2019 and realized it was the year where you took ownership of your life and felt empowered.

And you made changes.

And you lived differently.

And it was easier than you imagined.

WHAT IF you realized that you are the dreamer of your dreams and instead of letting life "happen to you," you felt like you created a life that’s an incredible adventure for you?


Most of us don't say “WHAT IF” to ponder the incredible.

Instead, most are looking at WHAT IS or what HAS BEEN and expecting more of the same.

What does that create? More of the same.

Spend less time looking at what is, or what has been, and more time dreaming of what COULD BE.

Say “WHAT IF” to ideas that feel joyful and exciting.


“WHAT IF creating this business were easier than I’m imagining.”

WHAT IF I felt better and better as I aged.”

“WHAT IF limitations were bogus.”

“You must find a place in yourself where nothing is impossible.”
— Deepak Chopra

What might your 2019 picture hold if you started asking, “WHAT IF…”?  

Let’s start forming your 2019 picture right now.

Complete this sentence “WHAT IF …”

Hold onto whatever you wrote. Part of you knows that whatever you wrote is possible.

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