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Before EASE magazine fully came into being, I knew that I wanted to dedicate an entire issue of EASE to the subject of money. 

Money, it seems, is ruling a lot of lives. It's preventing some from following their dreams and causing others to stay in a job that they equally hate and fear losing. 

If I had one message it would be this: It's not about money

It's about beliefs of POWER and WORTH.

Some believe that their value in life is in their paycheck. 

Others fear that they don't deserve the good things in life unless they've worked insanely hard for it. 

Or, fear having money and being powerful or how they might be seen by others. 

Or, feel powerless to ever finding financial confidence. 

FEARS around power and worth have started wars, kept people stuck, broken relationships, squashed dreams, and created a whole lot of misery. 

But there is also a flip side. 

LOVE connected to self-empowerment and inherent worthiness has filled lives with joy, abundance, confidence and immeasurable freedom. 

It's not about money. 

It is about remembering your inherent worthiness.

And I say remembering because I believe that when we started this journey of life each of us knew we were inherently worthy, and deep down we still know that we are worthy, even if sometimes it seems impossible to remember. 

It is also about knowing that real power is self-power. 

Because you have the power to change your thoughts, beliefs, how you see yourself and how you see the world

And no one can ever take that from you. 

It is my hope that this Money Ease issue will amp up the feelings of love, confidence, abundance and freedom so that those who feel fear around money, power or worth will feel a little less afraid, even just a little.

Because even the slightest shift away from fear is powerful, and when you tilt toward optimism and self-empowerment you're laying the foundation for confidence and freedom that even money can't buy. 






PS: Where would you like more ease in your life? Post a comment below and tell me the first thing that comes to your mind!  

I'll create articles specifically for that subject.