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March, 2018 Issue

Money and I haven’t always had a good relationship. I used to believe that money made me work really hard, like stressed-out, overwhelmed, feeling sick work-hard, for just a little bit of money love. Sometimes I wondered if money and I just weren’t compatible. 

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Creating Money Ease 

Before EASE magazine fully came into being, I knew that I wanted to dedicate an entire issue of EASE to the subject of money. 

Money, it seems, is ruling a lot of lives. It's preventing some from following their dreams and causing others to stay in a job that they equally hate and fear losing. 

If I had one message it would be this: IT'S NOT ABOUT MONEY

It's about beliefs of POWER and WORTH.


Abraham-Hicks: Easing resistance around money


Whether you have been studying the law of attraction for decades, or are brand new to the subject, Abraham-Hicks is an incredible teacher of how the Law works.  

One of my favorite practices for feeling inspired is listening to Abraham-Hicks recordings. 

Here is a recording on easing resistance around spending money and having it continue to grow. 

If you're brand new to Abraham-Hicks, the terms may seem foreign, so start with one of their books, like Money and the Law of Attraction.


Abundance Meditation with Deepak Chopra 

If I say "abundance" what comes to mind for you? For many, abundance means wealth, food, or material objects. For others, abundance can easily be seen in the earth's colors, air, leaves and water.  

What about having an abundance consciousness

How might the world look if you could only see through the eyes of abundance? Play with this question while joining Deepak in an abundance mediation

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Your free in-home yoga class!

Abundance shows up in many ways. For me, doing a guided yoga class at home feels like pure luxury. 

I don't have to drive anywhere. I don't have to pay for a class! And I have a private teacher all to myself (at least that's how it feels!). 

If this feels like luxury to you too, then check out Yoga with Kassandra, one of my favorite yoga instructors.

Start your day with Morning Yoga or find some hip flexibility with Hips Don't Lie.  

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Delicious + Easy Spring Supper 

Being a native Oregonian, I'm fairly used to one rainy, gray month (yes, month) following the next. Yet, without fail, the day comes when I'm hungry for SPRING.

While the weather doesn't quite feel like spring yet, it is delicious to eat like it's spring with recipes like this Simple Vegan Spring Lemon Orzo Salad. It's a yummy combo of lemon, asparagus, artichoke and dill (so much yum). Plus, it's quick and easy to put together. 

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Can laughter make you wealthy? 

Laughter is powerful. It can change the atmosphere  in a room, connect strangers, ease tension, and in a way... make you wealthy.

Laughter evokes the same feeling states that many seek when imagining being "wealthy" and living "the good life." 

So, the more you laugh, the better (or wealthier) you feel, and the better (or wealthier) you feel, the more good life you live. 

Here's a video I stumbled upon that made my sides hurt from laughter.