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Nov/Dec, 2018 Issue

Do you ever feel like the holidays become a tangled mess of to-dos, busyness, trying to please people and meet expectations? If things aren’t going well, the holidays seem to be there to amplify it.  Then, January rolls around with the promise of a new start.

Creating ease throughout the Holiday season

It’s a time honored tradition in my family to cut down our Christmas tree (we’re Oregonians, afterall).

This year was different, though, and not a good different.  

Our lush-green Christmas tree farm looked more like a tree desert with scattered stumps, Charlie Brown trees or giant trees.

As we hiked further I wondered if we’d find a tree.

The fun of the tradition was starting to feel like sadness from change.

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Michelle Obama’s powerful and inspiring new memoir

Growing up in the Southside of Chicago no one expected that Michelle Obama would graduate from Princeton and Harvard.

Or become a lawyer. Or the 44th First Lady of the United States. But she did.

We can all beat the odds. We’re all still becoming (Read more here about how she did it).

If you haven’t listened to Oprah’s interview with Michelle Obama you must check it out right here. Prepare to be inspired.

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Upgrade your day by setting an intention

Setting intentions is about listening to your heart. Sometimes it’s hard to hear your heart if the mind is really busy, but stillness can help with that.

You can find stillness everywhere, even in a crowded mall (that might take a little extra intention!), but it’s often easier to access stillness through practices like meditation.

Here’s an intention setting meditation guided by Tara Brach that leads you to stillness and listening to your heart. It’s a great practice before the written exercise (see here) or as a way to start your day.

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Get cozy with Paddywax’s Hygge candle collection

It’s the time of year to cozy up under warm blankets with tea, and slippers. Hygge, pronounced “Hoo-ga,” is the Danish word for all things cozy. Hygge can also be an intention for moving inward and finding what feels comforting and cozy to you.

Candles are a great addition to intention practices. Light a candle and have the scent be the reminder for your day’s intention. Check out these Hygge candles from Paddywax to add some coziness to your space and try using one in your next intention setting practice.

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Oh-SO-GOOD and EASY to make almond energy bites

If you don’t feel like another sugar cookie, but have a little sweet tooth then these energy bites are your answer! This recipe is from one of my favorite food bloggers, Iowa Girl Eats.

These little bites taste like cookie dough, but are made from oats, almond butter, cranberries, a few chocolate chips and a whole lot of LOVE!

Mix them up in a bowl, roll into balls, and save in the fridge (or double it and save an extra batch in the freezer). They make for a perfect snack or treat to share.

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Don’t miss Jimmy Fallon’s Christmas Thank You Notes

The holidays are filled with traditions, expectations, joys and annoyances that can be stressful and. . . hilarious.

“Thank you ice skating for being a fun way to test my balance while having knives strapped to my feet.”

Check out Jimmy Fallon’s Christmas Thank You notes for a quick laugh about the holidays.

Comedian, Jim Gaffigan, also has a hilarious perspective on Holiday Traditions. Check it out right here.