We’re questioning cultural norms. We don’t believe the rules that say success and leadership require sacrifice and struggle.

You can lead with heart and live with ease.

We created a formula to show you how:


Cultivating Your Mindset

Defining the rules that you live by rather than letting society define them.


Conscious Action

Instead of following the cultural “shoulds,” release resistance. Follow your heart and take inspired action.


Lead with compassion

Compassion is more powerful than aggression.

_You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness._ - Brené Brown (1).png

How to get started: 


I get it. You’re trying so damn hard. You feel frustrated, tired and out of answers. I’ve been there, and listen, it’s okay.

Things are gonna change. I know because I’ve made these changes myself.

Through coaching, you’ll uncover the patterns that are making you feel stuck, and experience major shifts for long-lasting change.

Together, we’ll clarify precisely what you want and pave the way for it to happen. We’ll go deep.

You’ll discover your truest self so that you can be the strong leader you are with a sense of ease.

All this while talking to someone who’s like a friend, except that I have years of experience coaching people from around the world and guiding them to experience dramatic change.

I’m a Master Certified Coach who has received extensive training from Martha Beck, and has been hired by The Chopra Center and Martha Beck Inc.

I know the tools that work.

And I have no doubt this process will work for you too.

I work with people from all walks of life from CEOs and Entrepreneurs to Artists and Healers. 

But they all have one thing in common: 


They want to find their way to live with deeper meaning, presence and joy.

They’ve taken the conventional route to “success,” but found more headaches than happiness.

Now, they want to feel the power of being conscious creators of their lives.

My people know a new path is possible.

They’re not afraid to integrate spirituality and a new mindset in every area of life.

They’re ready to break the cultural norms to lead with heart and live with ease.


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