Did you know that 91% of women report to being unhappy with their bodies? Ninety one percent! 

How many of the 91% do you think are sick and tired of hating their bodies?

How many do you think want the struggle to be over

Doesn't everyone want to look in the mirror and love what they see back?

Loving how you look + feel starts with appreciating your body now--even before you see any changes. 

When you appreciate your body now, your body will actually begin to change to look and feel the way you want.  

You'll be tuning into your body with appreciation, so you'll also begin to gravitate with more clarity toward thoughts, foods, and activities that feel really good for your body. 

Appreciation might sound easy, but I get it, if you're habitually not liking what you see in the mirror then finding appreciation now may seem difficult and pointless.

But, you might be surprised. With a little guidance this could end up being easier than you may think. 

Here's a meditation is designed to help you find appreciation for your body right NOW--no matter what the chatter in your head is saying. 

Practice this lying flat with your legs and arms uncrossed.

A great time to practice is first thing in the morning (unless you tend to fall back asleep!), right before bed, or anytime that you can comfortably lie down to listen.