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February, 2019 Issue

When I was in college I started playing this sort of “game” with a friend of mine. It started with one of us doing something stupid. Or, at least, doing something that our then late-teen/early-twenty-year-old brain thought was a good idea.

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Loving life through lightness, humor + fun

It’s easy to take life really seriously.

Especially when really serious things are all around us.

But, what if lightness, humor + fun is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the hard stuff?

This issue of Ease Magazine is all about seeing life through the eyes of humor, art and fun.

RuPaul inspired me when he said that as a kid he found his tribe in Monty Python’s Flying Circus, because they were irreverent, not taking anything seriously and having fun -- that’s what..

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Oprah & RuPaul talk kindness, spirituality + drag

“I am everything and nothing.” - RuPaul

I figured Oprah’s interview with RuPaul would be good, but I didn’t know that it would be as spiritually rich as any conversation she’s had with well-known spiritual leaders.

They talk about life, knowing yourself, ego, illusion, hope, humor, drag, and living each breath.

And it’s all packaged with so much humor, play and lightness.

“Look in the mirror with your heart.” - RuPaul.

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How to choose self-love when it feels hard

What would it be like if you loved yourself unconditionally?

Things don't have to be perfect, YOU don’t have to be perfect, but you can love yourself and your life anyway.

One of my favorite teachings of Abraham-Hicks is finding how to live a joyful life that’s NOT about REACTING to circumstances, but instead about leading with appreciation.

Here is a recording of Abraham-Hicks talking about finding a vibrational set point of loving your life and LOVING YOURSELF regardless of the conditions. Loving unconditionally.

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Jaw-dropping dance performances that inspire

If you haven’t watched World of Dance, then set your DVR, or mark your calendar, for FEB 26th and prepare to be blown away by some of the world’s most INCREDIBLE dancers!

The strength, precision, artistry, storytelling, and EMOTION these dancers bring to the stage is mind-blowing and inspiring.

This performance from Michael Dameski in Season 2 was raw and edgy. This performance from junior team, Expressionz, was full of emotion. And THIS ONE from 16-year-old Jaxon Willard shows how dance heals.

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Sunshine Lentil Bowls for breakfast, lunch + dinner

These Sunshine Lentil Bowls are a taste of summer that we eat year-round!

From food blogger, Lindsay, of Pinch of Yum, these bowls are a mix-up of lentils, roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs, green beans, tomatoes and dill.

During the winter we’ll swap the tomatoes for a seasonal veggie, or use frozen green beans instead of fresh. It’s still delicious, and leftovers make for a yummy, protein-packed breakfast too. One suggestion: Salt the dressing to taste.

Add a crunchy loaf of dinner bread with it and you have a meal. Easy. Done.

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When the doorbell rings today vs 20-years ago

Humor is like oxygen for me, and comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco, is an easy go-to for a laugh. His facial expressions have me laughing before he says a thing.

Check out this clip about when your doorbells rings. Does it make you laugh within three minutes?

Okay, here’s another one about his Italian family and having a “different” upbringing.

He also has a NEW Netflix standup special, Stay Hungry. Check it out here.