There I was in the middle of giving my boss a high five when I realized that stress was going to kill me.

I was acting like I had it all together, but I didn’t.

Truth was, I hadn’t slept much, my head hurt, and I felt so lost and tired.

Back then I believed that non-stop stress was normal and that I had to hustle and work hard to be successful.

I also believed that “I had to do it right.”

It’s like I was constantly trying to prove that I was good enough. And when I realized that I couldn’t take the pressure and stress anymore, I thought that was MY weakness.

I’d followed what I thought to be the route to happiness: Get a good education, a good job, make good money, find a partner, be happy.

But this route led to more sleepless nights than to happiness.


I wanted a sense of freedom.

I wanted to feel like me -- the real me that was fun, creative, adventurous and optimistic. The me who didn’t wear a fake smile or try to be someone for anyone.

Then I heard Wayne Dyer say, “There are no rules in this life” and something in me came alive again.

I knew, on a very deep level, the truth of what he said.


I also knew that I had to depart from the path I’d been following and find my own way.

This was terrifying and thrilling at the same time. I knew I had to quit. If I was on a train called “hustle” I was jumping off.

That was the beginning of finding my way back to myself and following my calling to become a coach and help others find their way too.

Since then, I’ve become a Master Certified Coach with extensive training from Martha Beck, PhD, author and world-renowned life coach. I’ve been hired by The Chopra Center and Martha Beck Inc.

I’ve also embraced the fact that I need to feel alignment with deeper meaning and purpose in my life. And this is not a weakness, it’s my strength.

I understand how it feels to be lost, stressed, and overwhelmed. I know what it’s like to maybe feel like an outsider by seeking your soul’s deepest questions.

But helping you seek these questions and find the answers is what I do best.

There are no rules. Let’s find your way.

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Credentials + certifications

Master Certified Life Coach - trained by Martha Beck, PhD from Harvard University as well as world-renowned life coach, New York Time Best Selling Author, monthly columnist for O The Oprah Magazine. 

Coach Instructor - Wayfinder Coach Training, Martha Beck Inc.

Bachelors Degree in Sociology and Visual Arts from Sarah Lawrence College. 

Project Management Training from Portland State University