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April, 2018 Issue

Years ago I was out on a run with one of my best friends who was training for a marathon. She was 14 miles into her run (I joined at mile 7). Then, out of nowhere a bouncy runner breezed by us and ran up the hill like a rabbit on drugs. Suddenly my friend looked disgusted and disappointed.

The Importance of 



We can be brutal to ourselves. 

Without question we'll say the most hurtful, demanding, disempowering things to ourselves. 

We'll say things like . . .

"Who do you think you are?" 

"You didn't succeed at that, so you'll probably fail at this."

"People will think you suck.


What's even more insane . . .


Living Brave Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert


Brené Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert are two of my favorite authors when it comes to living self-ease through vulnerability, courage, and creativity. I LOVED this conversation they had about bravery. Click here to watch now. 

If you haven't read Brené Brown's work, check out the The Gifts of Imperfection or her new book Braving the Wilderness (or any other title!). Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is one of my favorite reads from Elizabeth Gilbert.   


Meditation on Loving-kindness

One of my favorite meditations for self-ease, or self-compassion, is the Lovingkindness meditation. This meditation taps into the compassion within that we might have for another, but turns it to the self. The mantra(s) is simple: 

May I be filled with lovingkindess.  May I be safe from all dangers.          May I be well in mind and body.  May I be at ease and happy. 

Customize it for anything you may need in your life. Jack Kornfield shares more here.   

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What are the components of living a delicious, exciting life?

Bold, rich, dark chocolate are components of living a delicious life.

Okay, maybe it's just me, but if dark chocolate is part of your life's adventure then check out my latest find: Raaka Chocolate. 100% virgin, unroasted chocolate.

Try the Bourbon Cask Aged and the Maple and Nibs if you like really dark with the slightest sweetness, or the Coconut Milk for the lighter side. It's exploration, adventure, and delight in a tiny, beautiful bar.  

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Quick-Prep, Slow-Cooked Chicken Curry 

Sometimes I love the creativity and process of preparing a crazy good, chef-style, meal at home. Other times, I want to put forth as little effort as humanly possible while still eating something that tastes good and feels good on the body.

Thank goodness for this Slow-Cooked Chicken Curry by Nourishing Meals. It is my next to no-effort, healthy and delicious dinner. Toss chicken, carrots, onions, spices and broth into the slow-cooker, add some rice on the side, and you're basically done.


What binge watching has to do with self-ease

I don't know if binge watching has anything to do with self-ease (it might), but I do know that stumbling onto this standup comedy gem was like a really good blind date. . . with Jim Gaffigan.  

Watch Gaffigan's "Cinco" on Netflix, but in the mean time check out this clip on binge watching, this one on donuts. or this one about being in charge of the remote

Maybe you can relate to something he says. And if you can laugh at yourself then, yeah, that is self-ease.