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July/Aug, 2018 Issue

Let me guess . . . Between work, the house, or the kids there are days when you want to slam your head against a wall. Or cry. Or scream. Because you’re a good mom. You love your kids to death. You love being a mom. But, sometimes… you feel like you suck at this.

The Motherload of Ease: It's hard, but we can make it easier

Life with kids can feel insane.

Endless requests, homework, arguments, messes, appointments, childcare . . .  can you relate?  

Do you ever feel like you need more time to take care of yourself? Or do you want to feel more like YOU? 

It's insane, but you don't have to feel like you're losing your mind right ...

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Could you travel around the world on kindness?

No money. Just kindness.

Can the kindness of strangers take you around the world? Leon Logothetis did it and he documented his story in the Kindness Diaries.

Not only did he travel purely on the kindness of strangers, but then he gave back to those strangers by surprising them with his own generosity.  

If you want to amp up your vibration of the world being full of kindness, goodness, and anything being possible... this is a good show to watch. 


Creating your "hell yes!" summer starts with mindfulness

What would make your summer feel like a "hell yes"?

Is it going to the beach more often? Taking extra days off? Or, getting massages and pedicures? 

The best way to find your "hell yes" isn't to think your way there or book your calendar with what seems like "self-care." 

It's to feel into what screams "hell yes!" to you, or "hell no!" That's being mindful

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Staying strong + squeezing in a serious workout

Get out your 2lb hand weights and get ready for serious burn and sweat--at home.

Squeezing in a workout that delivers results is not always easy.

But there are ways to make it easier! Check out barre3's online workouts that can be done anywhere--at home, traveling, even in the kitchen while hanging with the kids. 

Plus there are modifications for pregnancy, injury, or just those days when everything creaks. 

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Did someone say chopped salad pizza?

Summer screams salad season, but sometimes some saucy pizza right along side the greens is pretty darned delicious. 

This recipe from Pinch of Yum delivers both! Delicious salad right on top of the pizza! If you don't want the oven on, throw your pizza dough on the grill and then toss that cold salad right on top. 

Then get ready to say, "YUM!".


I've been waiting for this... and it's almost here!

Does anyone else think that it's about darn time that Ellen Degeneres was in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee?! 

If you haven't checked out Jerry Seinfield's 14-minute show on Nexflix... where ya been?

So many hilarious comedians and season 10 premiered Friday, July 6th. Ellen is among the crew of comedians to be sipping joe, riding with Jerry and making us all laugh.

Check it out.