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It’s easy to take life really seriously.

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Especially when really serious things are all around us.

But, what if lightness, humor + fun is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the hard stuff?

This issue of Ease Magazine is all about seeing life through the eyes of humor, art and fun.

RuPaul inspired me when he said that as a kid he found his tribe in Monty Python’s Flying Circus, because they were irreverent, not taking anything seriously and having fun -- that’s what life is about.

Sebastian Maniscalco headlines our hilarious section because he sees the ridiculousness of everyday life and makes it hilarious.

I’m in love with dance, so of course the return of World of Dance would be in the love it section. These dancers tell their stories through movement, sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s humor, but they are all incredibly beautiful!

And our main article is about how to see everyday life through the lense of it being funny. We all know that the ridiculous is all around, but what if it weren’t more funny than stressful?

This is one way to love our life. To live with love and humor, lightness, and fun.

Make yourself something yummy to drink and enjoy this issue of Ease.


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