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We can be brutal to ourselves. 

Without question we'll say the most hurtful, demanding, disempowering things to ourselves. 

We'll say things like . . .

"Who do you think you are?" 

"You didn't succeed at that, so you'll probably fail at this."

"People will think you suck.

This is absolute insanity. 

What's even more insane than verbally abusing ourselves, is that we do it to motivate or discipline ourselves to be better! And if we're "better" we'll be happier! How crazy is that? CRAZY

this crazy-making tactic is awful and does. not. work. 

It's like beating yourself up because every time you use cherries to make an apple pie it turns out cherry. 

It's the same as trying to create freedom from powerlessness. 

Or confidence from shame. 

Or love from hate. 

You cannot feel love from hate.

You can't make that pie from those ingredients. 

You gotta USE love to feel love. 

Which means, the brutality has to be met with love. 

With as much intensity as you may have been brutal to yourself, it is time to direct that intensity to BOLD SELF-EASE. This means loving and supporting yourself unconditionally, regardless of your appearance, bank account, title, or any other life circumstance. 

I created this BOLD SELF-EASE issue of EASE because there are countless bold, brilliant, badass women who put pressure on themselves to be perfect or beat themselves up for being human (men, you too).

But when they take the pressure off and become fiercely kind and gentle to themselves, magic happens. Because SELF-EASE is aligning with the magic of the Infinite. The Infinite doesn't demand pressure or perfection, but rather ease and joyful imperfection. 

This is the heart of SELF-EASE. 

And when you practice self-ease, you'll feel the expansiveness of knowing who you really are--an extension of the Infinite. And, man, that feels so good. It feels like motivation and fulfillment all at the same time.

Here's to fiercely loving yourself without condition and going easy with gusto.







PS: Where would you like more ease in your life? Post a comment below and tell me the first thing that comes to your mind!  

I'll create articles specifically for that subject.