You're meant to do amazing things, and sometimes it feels like life is too insane to figure it out. 

We'll figure it out together. 

You can face challenges AND live an incredible life. Together, we'll uncover your way to experience more ease even when going through hard stuff. 

My clients change their lives and the ripple effect is huge.

Be among those who experience it.

1:1 Coaching

My clients? They're out there doing incredible things. They're building creative businesses, dismantling old, broken systems, and reshaping how we lead organizations. And you know what? They're doing it all while feeling more alive, confident, and empowered by a newfound sense of ease. 

And, I get it, life can also be overwhelming sometimes and you might be wondering how in the hell you can get through a DAY much less do jaw-dropping things without feeling exhausted, deflated, or like you're pulling your hair out in the process.

In 1-1, coaching we’ll empower you to stop the hustle, write your own rules for your life, and create transformations that will last your lifetime. 

When we work together, you’ll receive: 

  • Two 60-min 1-1 coaching sessions per month with a Master Certified Coach who has over a decade of experience in life, executive, and business coaching.
  • Laser-focused coaching that will uncover and eliminate what's been holding you back from what you want.
  • First access to luxury VIP weekends.


Yes, it's true that I don't have openings for 1:1 clients at the moment.

Apply to the waitlist and I'll reach out once I have an opening available.

Investments starting at $997/month


Epic VIP Day

You're ready to focus, do epic shit, and feel a greater sense of ease with your work, your money, your kids -- your life

Our EPIC Day is actually THREE parts:

1) A Planning Session (60-mins): We'll get crystal clear on exactly what you want in your life/business and what you want from your EPIC day. 

2) Epic day (5 total hours):

  • Clarifying your life and/or business desires follow-up.
  • Identifying the patterns and barriers that are keeping you in a loop so that you can move forward.
  • Teaching you the tools to increase ease in times of challenge and discomfort so you can increase growth.
  • Ease Formula Workbook so that you have the framework, guidance and tools in hand forever.
  • Ease on the Daily Workbook so that your practices become a daily habit. You feel different. You live different. 
  • Tons of coaching, of course, with an integration hour. 

3) Follow-up Session (60 mins): Get a little off-track after your Epic day? Or, feel ready to dive into the next thing? No problem. You'll have access to a Follow-up session for up to 3-months after your Epic day.

Investment: $3750 (payment plan available)



"I guarantee that coaching with Sarah will be the start of some great changes in your life. She'll lead you to deep realizations and the beginning of some serious internal shifts and healing." 

Elisia B., Thailand  

"Getting coached by Sarah has been an incredible experience. Our sessions together are always at the top of my priority list because I know that it's where I will gain insights and release struggle. What I like best about coaching with Sarah is the grounded, non-judgemental space that she holds. I also love how much we laugh! Regardless of what I bring to the table, she has an excellent intuition in knowing what really needs to be the topic of conversation for that session. Sarah has helped me create a deeper connection with soul so that I can let my truest self guide the way rather than ego and fear. It gives me so much more confidence to have somebody who fully believes in me to support me in my journey."

Veronica T., Life Coach + Podcast Host, Alberta, CA

“Sarah’s soulful coaching provided me with a really powerful container for transformation this year. She helped me slow down, drop back into my heart and make decisions from a centered and connected place. As such, I was able to move the pin in many areas of my life where I was formally stuck. The tools, insights and experiences from coaching with Sarah will never leave me and that is a huge gift.”

Greer A., Sydney, Australia

"Sarah is keenly insightful and has helped me bravely step into the life that I had long dreamed of, but wasn't yet living. She has been such a wonderful source of inspiration to me since becoming my coach. "

Abigail W., New Mexico