Working Together

Life isn’t always easy. But we can still face challenges and do big things with a bit of grit and a sense of ease.

My clients experience massive, long-lasting change. Sometimes, a life-changing realization can happen in a single strategy session. Deeper work requires more time, and is better suited for a 6-month commitment.

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One-on-one Coaching

You’re meant to do jaw-dropping things in this life without killing yourself (or those around you) in the process.

In 1-1 coaching we’ll empower you to write your own rules for this life and create transformations that will last your lifetime.

During our 6-months you’ll receive two 60-min 1-1 coaching sessions per month, first access to join group programs, and a committed partner who wants you to feel powerful with ease.


This investment starts at $699/month. Typically, we'll work together for at least 6-months. 

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Elisia B., Thailand 

"I guarantee that coaching with Sarah will be the start of some great changes in your life. She'll lead you to deep realizations and the beginning of some serious internal shifts and healing."  

Greer A., Sydney, Australia

“Sarah’s soulful coaching provided me with a really powerful container for transformation this year. She helped me slow down, drop back into my heart and make decisions from a centered and connected place. As such, I was able to move the pin in many areas of my life where I was formally stuck. The tools, insights and experiences from coaching with Sarah will never leave me and that is a huge gift.”

Abigail W., New Mexico

"Sarah is keenly insightful and has helped me bravely step into the life that I had long dreamed of, but wasn't yet living. She has been such a wonderful source of inspiration to me since becoming my coach. "