We created a map because having clear direction makes it easier to find your way when life goes sideways. And we all know it will.

Here’s what the MAGIC looks like:


You are more than what you do.

Dive into discovering your inner purpose and how to manifest it in your outer life.


awaken to your patterns

We’ll uncover what’s driving your behavior and how to make long-lasting changes.


Create what you really want

Become crystal clear about what you really want, and how to create it with ease.


How to get started: 

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"Within one session with Sarah I felt an increased sense of ease & support, clarity, and peace.  I've identified my purpose and I've been living in a new way. Sarah's been a foundation for creating change and transformation."  - Mandy M. |  Colorado

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"Sarah’s work is impactful! After working with her in less than a year, my life changed dramatically. I went from living from place to place, unemployed, failing a huge license exam, and seeing no way out to moving into a fantastic, beautiful, brand new home, passing my exam, getting my dream job, and taking numerous trips domestically and internationally! My vision on life is a complete 180 and I’m so excited to see what the future will bring! Sarah is awesome and I’m a true believer!"   - Briahna C. | Attorney | California


"I'm giddy about the changes I’ve seen since coaching with Sarah. She helped me notice a painful story I've been telling myself: that nothing is worth doing unless it leads to more money. No wonder I’ve felt like a circus monkey, performing for others! Now, I’ve started to experiment with being more myself, asking for what I want, and having fun. I focus on my own desired feeling state to guide me. And the results are tangible. The most mind-blowing? I worked with our CEO to design a fun new role that fits my skills, what the company needs, and most importantly, what I want".  - Mandy Kubicek, Head of Employee Experience at Flywheel + Life Coach | Nebraska


I get it. You’re trying so damn hard. You feel frustrated, tired and out of answers. I’ve been there, and listen, it’s okay. Things are gonna change.

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Through coaching, you’ll uncover the patterns that are making you feel stuck, and experience major shifts for long-lasting change.

Together, we’ll clarify precisely what you want and pave the way for it to happen.

We’ll go deep. You’ll discover who you really are so that life feels rooted in peace and ease, without more struggle.

All this while talking to someone who’s like a friend, except that I have years of experience coaching people from around the world and guiding them to experience dramatic change.

I’m a Master Certified Coach who has received extensive training from Martha Beck, and has been hired by The Chopra Center and Martha Beck Inc. I know the tools that work.

And I have no doubt this process will work for you too.


I work with people from all walks of life from CEOs and Entrepreneurs to Artists and Healers. 

But they all have one thing in common: 

They want to find their way to deeper meaning, peace and joy in their lives.

They’ve taken the conventional route to “success,” but found more headaches than happiness.

Now, they want to feel the power of being conscious creators of their lives.

They’re seeking the ease of attracting their true desires and discovering their soul’s deepest questions.

My people know a new path is possible.

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