It's like my cousin Vinny

Do you remember this scene from My Cousin Vinny?

Doesn’t LIFE feel like this sometimes?

It’s work, extra meetings, travel, a kid not sleeping, an appliance breaking, and more emails than you can read in a day. Plus, trying to get a workout in or going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Do you relate?

Oh my gosh… I do!

So, what do we do when life feels like shit keeps piling on top of shit?

Most of us make the mistake of acting from a place of fear, stress and overwhelm. We trade in ease for hustle.

It’s so easy to do because this is the cultural norm. It’s what many of us have been taught to do, and how we often measure success!

But, I know that “behind the scenes” it can be a big time struggle. It can feel like you’re one phone call or email away from sounding like Joe Pesci and losing your mind.


It may surprise you, but when life gets crazy it becomes THE TIME to double-down on EASE.

PRIORITIZING things like meditation, breathing, sleep, and empowering self-talk so that you can move through the craziness with the FEELING of ease.

Like, feeling PRESENT moment-by-moment regardless of the insane demands.

Or, knowing your TRUTH and finding CLARITY for direction even in the chaos.

Or, being CONFIDENT with your position even if others disagree.

Ease is always available to us.

We can feel SO much ease when life gets crazy that we actually feel UNSTOPPABLE.

This is why I created Unstoppable Ease. It’s my 10-week Masterclass designed to create a bold shift from stress, overwhelm, and hustling to leading with heart and living with ease.

In this course we’ll question the cultural norms that say success requires sacrifice and struggle.

I’ll also teach you the Nine Elements of Ease:










Come along and join us now.

You’ll receive coaching from me, a supportive small-group community of other ease-makers, and an incredible transformation from stress and overwhelm to confidence and ease.

Here’s what one ease-maker said:

"Unstoppable Ease took me to another level! I've always know that I'm meant for greater, but didn't know what that looked like. After being in my fast paced career for a year, I learned to slow down, accept what is, and know that all is well and will always be well. I manifested over $1,500 and started two businesses! I grew from an exhausted, anxiety riddled rat racer to a calm and easy entrepreneur. Life is getting better and easier everyday!"

-Bri C.

Ready to feel unstoppable with ease?

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I can’t wait to help you experience the bold shift of hustling to living and creating with unstoppable ease.



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Confession time

Okay, confession time. 

A few days ago I sent out an email about my “someday, maybe” I’ll go back to New York and how it became my “someday soon, absolutely!” If you missed it, check it out right here

My “it’s gonna happen!” feeling is AH-MAZING. Don’t get me wrong. 

But, let’s be real. 

I’ve had mom-guilt about the trip. 

I’m leaving my babies and flying 3,000 miles away. 

My youngest cried the last time I left her at my parent’s house to go out to dinner! And then when I got home she told me how much she missed me. 

And I’m leaving for days

I’ve wondered how hard it might be for the girls and for my husband too. 

I’ve wondered how much I might miss them. 

I’ve thought about how my mom never took trips like this when I was little. It seems like I always had the comfort of knowing mom was home. 

Yup, mom-guilt. 

And, I’m going anyway. 

And, I’m crazy excited. 

And, I’ve worked through my mom-guilt to be leaving feeling guilt-free.


I did it by asking myself two questions whenever I had the guilt-ridden thoughts: 

1: “Do I know that to be a fact?” 

2: “How might that be perfect?”

It went like this… I’d think, “I’m leaving my babies” and then ask, “How might that be perfect?” 

Then, I’d start to think about how my traveling allows them to see their mom following her dreams. 

It gives them extra time with dad. 

It allows them to see that I can leave and come back and all will be well. 

My guilt shifted to ease. 

Or, I’d think, “This is going to be hard on the girls” and then ask myself, “Do I know that to be a fact?” Nope. I don’t. It might be spectacular for everyone. That’s what I’m expecting. 

Here’s the bottom line:

Mom-guilt is a form of beating yourself up. 

And it doesn’t help anyone

For me, this mom-guilt was sneaky. I didn’t immediately realize I was beating myself up because I was THINKING about how much I love my kids. 

The FEELING, however, was beat-up and what I really needed was self-kindness, self-permission, and self-compassion. 

If you’re feeling mom-guilt, be kind to yourself. Ask yourself the questions above, or consider the kindest thing you can say to yourself right now. 

We don’t need to beat ourselves up for being human, making mistakes, taking trips, being away, or having a damn good time without our kids. 

The beat-up helps no one. 

It doesn’t say, “I love you.” It says, “I punish me.” 

Whereas self-compassion is centered around love. It says, “I love me.” 

Is that the message we want to tell? 

Regardless of whether or not you’re a mom, if you feel any guilt reach for self-compassion. A dose of kindness toward yourself goes a long way.

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PS: Self-compassion is part of my formula for CONFIDENCE and it’s one of our classes in UNSTOPPABLE EASE. You’ll learn more formula for confidence and several life-changing self-compassion practices. Join the live class or the recordings-only option right here.