Putting the Brakes on What You Want?

“I know I want more clients, but it feels impossible. And then, I don’t even know how much harder I can work when I HAVE clients! I’ll have to do even more.”

Trish was at a standstill.

She knew what she wanted.

But, it wasn’t happening and she didn’t know what to do next.

What Trish didn’t realize is that she was actually putting the BRAKES on her desire.

Because right beside her longing was also a really scared voice.

This scared voice said things like:

“If I get paid by my clients, this work I love will become stressful and turn into a JOB.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“The only way to make it happen is to work harder.”

“If I put myself out there, people might hate me.”

“What if I get too busy and it feels like work.”

The brakes go on.

Clients don’t come.

The desire remains but feels impossible to attain.

Sound familiar? We can change this.

Getting more clients has less to do with what action you take + more to do with THAT SCARED VOICE.

Without the scared voice, the brakes come off.

This is when you receive inspired IDEAS, make new CONNECTIONS, have PEOPLE come out of the blue.


It’s also when you take INSPIRED ACTION -- an action that feels good, like ease, or flow. It might feel effortless, or fun, or maybe fun in the challenge, but it feels different.

Without the scared voice, you’re also sending a message to the Universe that says, “I’m ready.”

This “I’m ready and not afraid” energy is attractive to your people who are wanting to find YOU.

On an energetic level, you suddenly become easier to find and just who they want to work with.

If you’re wanting more clients into your business (or anything for that matter) and it’s not happening, ask yourself if there is any part of you that’s scared of getting what you want.

This will help you uncover your scared voice if it’s talking to you.

Then, tell yourself something to help sooth that scared voice.

Something like…

“I’m going to do things my way, and I’m ready for more to come to me with ease.

I’m going to follow what feels fun.

I’m going to attract my people.

And as I grow, I’ll find my way and I’ll become more confident bit by bit and it will all get better and better.”

Practice this voice.

It will help take the brakes off.

It will help your people find YOU.

And you’ll begin to tell the Universe that you’re ready for what you want to come with ease.

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Shifting your money mindset to attract more moola

Money is not what most of us have been conditioned to think it is.

If we step back and think about it for a second, most of us probably spend money without even touching physical currency.

It’s numbers, moving around, that we’re thinking about and attaching A LOT of meaning to.

We make money mean that we’re WORTHY or not, SUCCESSFUL or not, have ENOUGH or not, get to pursue our DREAMS or not, are SECURE in the future or not (just to name a few).

These thoughts create a MONEY MINDSET.

Your mindset about money is telling a story to the Universe. And whatever story you’re telling the Universe, you’re attracting back to you.

And then it appears to be your money reality.

Without your story… money is just money. It’s numbers. Paper. Metal.

Change your mindset about money and tell a different story to the Universe, then you’ll attract a new money story back to you.

You’ll attract different thoughts about money.

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You’ll attract different feelings about money.

And...  you’ll attract more moola too.

Shifting your mindset is about NOTICING the story that you’re currently telling and then switching it to tell the story that YOU REALLY WANT TO TELL.

It sounds easy, but it takes PRACTICE.

START by creating a mantra that tells the story you want to tell.

It could be…

There is plenty of money and there will be plenty of money.

I am worthy of wealth and abundance.

Money comes to me easily.

USE this mantra when you feel great about money, but USE IT when you feel like CRAP ABOUT MONEY to shift your mindset.

Remember, when you shift your mindset about money you tell a different story to the Universe, and then ATTRACT the new story back to you.

When you FEEL BETTER about money know that you ARE attracting money to you.

Feeling better is your first manifestation.

Celebrate feeling better like you’d celebrate some more Benjamins in your wallet.

Tell yourself that it’s only getting better from here.

And notice how it is.

It is getting better.

This is the beginning of a new and amazing story for you.

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Let's clear some things up

“I don’t know what you mean by ‘ease.’ Ease seems like being lazy to me. It seems like not doing anything. How could you get anything done ‘with ease’?” Liz asked me looking confused.

The other women in the workshop nodded in agreement to Liz’s question.

These women were sharp, savvy business owners who knew how to get stuff done.

They JUGGLED, HUSTLED, and often felt like they carried a million TO-DOs in their heads.

They were also tired, accustomed to moments of burnout and feeling like they never did enough.

As a group, they shared how they longed for things to be a little easier.

Some shared how they really wanted something more in their life. They wanted to feel connected to themselves. The part of them that wasn’t a business owner, mom, or wife -- but their deepest self.

I get Liz’s question a lot.

Ease can be confusing, right?

Especially when most of us have been conditioned to believe that in order to get things done we have to work hard, sacrifice and deal with the stress.




Let’s clear some things up.

Ease is a feeling that you experience when you are connected to your deepest self.

It’s consciousness flowing into what you’re doing.


When you are aligned with ease, the feeling behind your actions changes.

And, this often means that you GET EPIC STUFF DONE without stress but with…. (drumroll please) EASE.

The feeling of ease is both emotional as well as physical.

PHYSICALLY, this means that the body is relaxed. You can think better, move better, and rest better because the body isn’t under stress.

EMOTIONALLY, it can feel like confidence, excitement, joy, inspiration, gratitude or all of the above at the same time.

SPIRITUALLY, it feels like being aligned with your true self, knowing yourself, believing in yourself and trusting that there’s always a way to your dreams.

Then, there’s action.

You might do very little with ease, but you might also do A LOT.

With ease, action feels INSPIRED. It’s like FLOW, or a dance.

Time bends and coincidences happen.

That’s ease.

It’s attainable for everyone and it doesn’t require effort to access it.

It does require a level of presence, being tuned in, listening to your heart and following the guidance that you have within you.

This guidance feels KIND, LOVING, POWERFUL and it will lead you to ease.

It will lead you to the feelings of confidence, excitement, joy, inspiration, and gratitude.

This guidance within you is your true self, believes in you and knows the path toward your dreams.

You’ve probably already connected to ease, or at least had glimpses of it.

Do what helps you to find that connection and keep tuning in.

You will begin to feel a sense of ease more often.

And pretty soon the feeling behind all of the epic things that you’re doing will change. It will feel easier and you will feel more connected to your deepest self.

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DO THIS for your big endeavors

Big endeavors are being attempted at our house.

My two and a half-year-old is learning to use the potty. It usually plays out like this:

She asks to sit on the potty.

Then, she sits and waits on the potty with a HUGE SMILE on her face.


She yells, “All done!” (still, nothing happened)

Her feet hit the floor again and she goes running through the house yelling, “I DID IT!! I DID IT!!”

Girl celebrates her attempts like no one I’ve ever seen!

Not always the case for the adults I know.

For many, an “unsuccessful” attempt at something is met with disappointment, sometimes even a desire to give up altogether after ONE ATTEMPT.

I’ll hear things like, “I don’t know if I can do this” or “Nobody cares.”

Let’s put the brakes on responding to your attempts with disappointment.

Attempts are to be celebrated like a two-year-old running around the house yelling, “I DID IT!!”

If you’re TRYING something, then celebrate your attempts as much as your accomplishments because AN ATTEMPT IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT.


Toast your attempt at dinner.

Call up your best friend and tell her that you attempted something and wanted to share the news.

Celebrating your attempts not only feels good and keeps the momentum going, but it actually moves you closer to your desires because it tells the Universe to send you more things to CELEBRATE.

And, it focuses your mindset on what you’ve done -- rather than worrying about what hasn’t happened yet.

I promise you that my two-year-old is not worried about whether she will be in diapers forever.

So, don’t worry about staying where you’re at forever either.



And then, give yourself a motto like, “I DID IT. I tried. I learned. Let’s try again and learn some more.”

Practice this, and you’ll be attempting more, celebrating more, and feeling proud of your many, many accomplishments.  

Let’s raise a glass to all of your attempts.

You did it.

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From "impossible" to I’M POSSIBLE

I know this can suck, but people might say that your dreams are literally impossible or completely unrealistic.

And to that we say… BIG DEAL.

Take Tommy Caldwell, for example.

At 23-years-old, Tommy was a world-class rock climber until an accident with a table saw SEVERED his left index finger.

For a rock climber, this means your career is over.

The physician who tried to save his finger explained to Tommy that he needed to come to terms with the fact that his climbing career was over.

What did Tommy say to that?

“Fuck that guy. He doesn’t know what I’m capable of.”

That was in 2001. Fast forward to 2015, Tommy and his friend, Keven Jorgeson, were the first men in the world to free climb the 3,000ft Dawn Wall of El Capitan, previously believed to be impossible (even with all ten fingers) in the climbing world.

Good thing Tommy didn’t believe that doctor, right?

Don’t believe people who say that what you want is impossible, unrealistic or crazy.

You’re gonna have “those people” in your life who don’t get what you’re doing.

People are gonna make comments, especially when you’re following your heart and doing things differently from the norm.

But, most of the time, they’re gonna tell you what they believe to be true for themnot you.

They might tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Or, that you can’t quit your job.

Or, that following your dreams is unrealistic.

They might actually tell you their story and how hard it was for them.  

And, these people might even be an “authority figure,” like a physician or your mom.

But, what if you took the Tommy Caldwell approach and said, “Fuck that. That’s about them, not me. They don’t know what I’m capable of”?

Because you are capable of the “impossible.”

You can dream big and make it happen without killing yourself.

You can find strength in self-compassion.

You can say, “fuck that,” even to the self-sabotaging, limiting, mean voice in your head.

You can have a mindset that says you manifest opportunities into your life as easily as good parking spots.

You can see the world through the lens that says:

“This world is good. It’s abundant and so am I. I’m going to find my path. I’m going to find MY way to my dreams through following what feels good, believing in myself, and being kind to myself along the way. It’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna be okay.”

This is the difference.

It’s this type of thinking that changes “impossible” to I’M POSSIBLE.

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