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I'm Sarah, Master Certified Life Coach, writer, instructor, speaker, and the creator of EASE Magazine

I help stressed-out, overworked, and overwhelmed people realign to their inner being to reclaim ease, joy, and freedom in their lives.

And live life fully.

I’ve defined success on my terms and created a life I truly love without killing myself or losing my mind.

Now I'm on a mission to help you do the same.

I guide people to make bold moves in tribute to their lives and purpose.

When we work together you'll stop running your life by what other people think and step into the best version of yourself (you know, the one you secretly daydream about).

My clients are shifting how they live because they know they are meant for something more and are ready to live it now.

I checked the calendar. Someday isn't on there. Let me help you create ease, excitement, and enthusiasm in your life right now.

Expect the impossible. When you have a trained and skilled guide, it's so much easier than you think!

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Sarah and I began working together several months ago.  I was looking for a coach to support me in finding what I felt like I was missing in life.  On the surface my life would appear amazing, but on the inside I felt stuck and disconnected from my true self.  I felt the joy was missing.  Within one session with Sarah I felt an increased sense of ease & support, clarity, and peace.  The connection to my truth and joy quickly began to come back into my life.  Since then I've identified my internal dharma and external dharma and I've been living in a way that supports them.  Sarah's been a foundation for creating change and transformation.  I always feel like I'm talking to my best friend.  Sarah understands and brings perspective, wisdom, ease, support, clarity and joy.  My son best described the results of my coaching experience with Sarah when he said "Mommy, why do you always laugh so much?"  - Mandy M. |  Colorado

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I first heard Sarah speak at the Energize 2015 Conference in Portland, where she gave an amazing presentation on the importance of rest and play. Not only has she done the research to back up her methods and tools, but she has also added her own unique and innovative ideas to her approach.  I found her message so compelling that I asked her to come on my radio program, Sunny in Seattle, and share her work with my listeners. - Sunny Joy McMillan, Radio Host


I'm giddy about the changes I’ve seen since coaching with Sarah. She helped me notice a painful story I've been telling myself: that nothing is worth doing unless it leads to more money. No wonder I’ve felt like a circus monkey, performing for others! Now, I’ve started to experiment with being more myself, asking for what I want, and having fun. I focus on my own desired feeling state to guide me. And the results are tangible. The most mind-blowing? I worked with our CEO to design a fun new role that fits my skills, what the company needs, and most importantly, what I want.            - Mandy Kubicek, Head of Employee Experience at Flywheel + Life Coach


Coaching with Sarah is like talking to your best friend.You'll laugh and feel incredibly safe. During your conversation, she'll lead you to deep realizations and the beginning of some serious internal shifts and healing. I guarantee that coaching with Sarah will be the start of some great changes in your life. And, as if that weren't enough, having a coach who's like a BFF? Who doesn't need that? - Elisia Brodeur | Massachusetts